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Advanced Evaluation & Management of Psychiatric Illness in Reproductive-Age Women

-Updated and augmented in 2023 with new concepts and information

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A Joint Initiative...


This unique 8.5-hour program was developed by an experienced nurse-midwife and women's/perinatal psychiatry specialist - for midwifery clinicians:

  • Increase your confidence and competence to address common anxiety and depressive symptoms in any midwifery setting
  • Learn to recognize serious, complicated psychiatric disorders requiring emergent evaluation and specialty management
  • Improve obstetric, infant, and global health outcomes, and reduce health disparities
  • Demonstrate leadership in clinical, academic, and policy arenas

The American College of Nurse-Midwives has approved this program for 8.5 contact hours or 8.5 CEUs, including 2.75 hours of pharmacology content.

If you’ve previously completed the original 7-session course, you’re eligible to enroll in the Session 8 update for 1.5 additional hours of continuing education.

Upon registration, learners receive log-in information that allows access to videos, presentation slides, and hand-outs:

  • 30 days access for the full 8.5-hour course
  • 10 days for the 1.5-hour Session 8 update
Downloaded materials can be compiled for use as a comprehensive women's mental health reference, in every clinical setting!


  1. Review various female hormone-mood connections related to PMS, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, infertility treatment, pregnancy, birth, the postpartum transition and breastfeeding, and menopause.
  2. Improve screening and assessment techniques, and become more comfortable with diagnostic criteria for many common psychiatric disorders.
  3. Become familiar with common bio-psycho-social contributors to psychiatric illness in women.
  4. Explore ethical dilemmas and informed consent issues related to prescribing medications for preconception, pregnant, and postpartum women.
  5. Utilize evidence-based treatment strategies for selecting and implementing medical and non-medical treatments for common depressive and anxious disorders. Free, web-based tools will be introduced to assist clinicians in treatment planning.
  6. Identify strategies for ruling out bipolar and psychotic disorders, and become familiar with treatment goals and strategies for women with bipolar and/or psychotic disorders during pregnancy and the postpartum year in order to recognize deterioration and support management by psychiatric clinicians.
  7. Understand how the midwifery scope of practice encompasses the provision of primary care services such as mental health screening, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and referral.
  8. Investigate treatment approaches for trauma, suicidality and substance use disorders.
  9. Appreciate the role of the midwife-patient relationship in facilitating healthy maternal identity shifts and general mental well-being.
  10. Appraise resources for integrating mental healthcare into midwifery practice. 


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Listen to an interview with course creator Adria Goodness on midwifery and mental health. LISTEN NOW


"This was one of the best CE courses I have done online or in person. Superb!"

"This was one of the most interesting, well organized, well-presented, well articulated, and positively essential continuing ed sessions that I've ever completed. I feel like this course has charted a new path for my 24-year old midwifery career! Thank-you!!!!!"

"This was hugely valuable, and I feel more confident counseling my patients than I did before. It also gave me lots of tools for strategizing. Thanks!"

"[Your course] was highly recommended to me, and I was not let down. It was supremely helpful. It seems nearly all of my patients are coping with diagnosed or undiagnosed psychiatric illness, trauma history, substance use disorder, or the stress of poverty. I feel much better equipped to care for my clients now!"

"I can't say enough how helpful this presentation was. I work in El Paso, TX in an area that has very few mental health resources and where providers are very hesitant to treat pregnant and breastfeeding women at all with medications. This presentation gave me more confidence to practice to my full scope and to go out and look for mental health providers who I may collaborate with in the future. This presentation made me proud to be a midwife and APRN."

To see a video clip from the program, learn more about the course and faculty, and receive exclusive ACNM member discounts go to: ACNM Mental Health Certificate

Supported, in part, with an award from the American College of Nurse-Midwives Foundation's W. Newton Long Award

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