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All About Member Communities on ACNM Connect

As a benefit of membership, the American College of Nurse-Midwives hosts a members-only digital platform, ACNM Connect, which includes more than 300 online communities, including ACNM's Town Hall Community to which every member is added.

The Town Hall Community is members' all-purpose forum for engaging one another, asking questions, crowd sourcing answers, and raising midwifery-related issues.

Every member is also added to the state-based community of their state affiliates.  Additionally, members may add themselves by simply clicking a "Join" button to any one of dozens of other communities. Communities include:

Academic Educators Midwives for Universal Healthcare
Clinical Educators Midwives in Support of Life Group
Clinical Management Midwives in Support of Reproductive Health and Abortion (MSRHA)
Global Health Midwives Promoting Immunizations
Home Birth Midwives Teaching Midwives
Immunization Network Midwives Teaching Nurses
LGBTQIA Community Peripartum Racial/Ethnic Disparities
MECA PhD Midwives
Mentorship Public Health Caucus
Midwifery Business Re-entry to Clinical Practice
Midwifery Privileging Subcommittee Simulation
Midwifery Works Students and New Midwives

Please note: ACNM requires that its members follow its code of conduct on all community sites and maintain respectful dialogue.

Members can set the frequency that they receive posts to real time, daily, weekly and never. Getting started on ACNM Communities is easy. A Get Started Guide is available here.
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