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Disaster Preparedness Resources

Here's how you can help

Persons wishing to make tax deductible contributions to the relief effort are encouraged to support a major relief agency of your choice such as the American Red Cross, or another group recognized by the Charity Navigator. Be aware: major relief efforts also spur fraud.

State Updates


Florida (10/23/2018)

  • Mary Kay Miller, Florida Affiliate president, spoke recently with Healthy Start in the Panama City, Florida, area. Healthy Start is a coalition to ensure the health and well-being of pregnancy women and their babies.  
  • They are having a hard time finding families, or no one has a home to go
  • They have diapers, wipes and formula currently
  • They have 13 crates coming that can feed a child for 10 days. 
  • A small quantity of supplies have been donated; more is needed. Mary Kay is continue to collect supplies and donations for the trip to the affected area in a couple of weeks. See details for where to send supplies and support. 

Florida Affiliate President Mary Kay Miller is mobilizing to provide needed supplies to midwives and families in the devastated Florida Panhandle region. Please see the Florida State Update of 10/12/2018, below, for details. Thank you!

  • Some donations and supplies are coming in to help affected members. A trip to bring supplies and equipment is being planned once the roads are cleared and the area is safe. 
  • Please see below for details about where to donate and what's needed. 

Florida (10/12/2018)

  • Affiliate President Mary Kay Miller has been in touch with members in the affected Florida Panhandle region.
  • Members have suffered devastating losses.
  • Mary Kay will be mobilizing to collect supplies and equipment, including the following items (in alpha order) based on a list developed by Karen Hays and fellow members of the ACNM Disaster Preparedness and Response Caucus: baby wipes, batteries, battery operated fans, bedding/blankets/sheets/pillows/inflatable mattresses, bleach, buckets (regular and 5-gallon sizes) cleaning rags and sponges, contractor garbage bags, diapers (baby and some for elderly), dust masks, empty gas cans, feminine hygiene products, gloves for cleaning, grooming supplies (combs, brushes, shampoo, soap, razors), nuts or dried fruit and other non-fridge food items, personal hygiene wipes, ropes (all kinds and sizes), solar lanterns, toilet paper, and water purification tablets (like for camping).  Please do not send cash and do not send medicines or pharmaceutical products of any kind. 
    Items should be sent to either of the following addresses: 

    Mary Kay Miller
    13300 Gulf Boulevard, Apartment C 
    Madeira Beach, Florida 33708  


    Rachel Depart
    1148 Circle Drive
    Tallahassee, Florida 32301

  • If you have any further questions about arrangements, please contact Florida Affiliate President Miller at [email protected], 407-716-9229.

  • Please check back regularly for updates and to see how ACNM members can best help.  

Florida (10/11/2018)

  • Affiliate President Mary Kay Miller may be reached at 407-716-9229; [email protected]
  • She has contacted all listed members in Panama City and the surrounding areas and has been in contact often with Pensacola and Tallahassee. 
  • The Gulf Coast Medical Center is closed and evacuated; Pensacola providers are getting many patients. 
  • Power outages in Tallahassee are widespread; Pensacola appears to have power generally. Panama City does not have power.
  • Members in and near Panama City evacuated and are unable to return due to impassible roads. The hospital is reported to have had extensive damage with half of the L&D rooms blown out. Devastation in the area is widespread. 


  • We spoke with Florida Affiliate President Mary Kay Miller. She has been in touch with midwives in the Florida Panhandle region. They are holding tight for what is to come and will be keeping Mary Kay informed as events develop.  


North Carolina (9/19/2018):

*       We spoke with North Carolina state affiliate president, Suzanne Wertman. She indicates that World Central Kitchen is up and running in Wilmington and other parts of the state, feeding evacuees, affected folks, first responders, and folks who have come in to help clean up and restore power:

*       Suzanne's contacts at New Hanover Regional Medical Center indicate that they remain on lockdown, and everyone has been advised to stay in place in Wilmington, with the exception of laboring women--they can come to the hospital and have been advised to call 911 if they cannot safely travel. The hospital in Pender County is closed.

*       Suzanne's Goldsboro and Greenville colleagues say they are managing with the flooding, but haven't had to evacuate. They are taking care of patients at the hospital. 

*       Lumberton and Fayetteville have also suffered severe flooding that will worsen over the next few days. 

*       Stay tuned for more updates from North Carolina. 

South Carolina (9/18/2018):

*       We spoke with South Carolina affiliate president, Linda George. She says that as of Tuesday, September 18, power has been restored in most parts of the state. However, flooding is still a significant threat in the affected areas, so the next few days will be crucial. The recovery from Hurricane Florence is still a work in progress.

*       Stay tuned for updates from South Carolina and ways to help in that state.

Virginia (9/14/2018):

*       We spoke with Virginia affiliate president, Amber Price. She is monitoring the situation and will post updates on the affiliate Facebook page. 

*       Stay tuned for updates from Virginia and ways to help in that state.

ACNM will update this post periodically as events and more information come available. To send a message of encouragement to your member colleagues, use ACNM's Facebook or Twitter feeds and the hashtag #Midwives.

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