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ACNM Industry Partner Alliance

ACNM’s Industry Partner Alliance is a diverse group of organizations committed to advancing the midwifery profession through strategic initiatives, collaborative advocacy, and joint leadership. The alliance provides midwifery jobs, training, resources, and platforms to expand our collective voice. ACNM’s Industry Partner Alliance increases corporate visibility and provides networking
opportunities for companies in the midwifery and healthcare industry.

Through the Alliance, companies are given exclusive benefits and recognition throughout the cycle (June through May). The Industry Partner levels are Bronze, Silver, and Gold, and the breadth of benefits depends on the level of partnership. There is also an exclusive opportunity for 15 companies to serve on ACNM’s Annual Advisory Board, which gives these companies direct access to the ACNM board, a voice in ACNM’s educational offerings and invitations to private events throughout the year. 

Contributions from the Industry Partner Alliance are used to enhance existing programs and projects that benefit thousands of nurse-midwives as well as allow ACNM to create new and exciting content that appeals to all ACNM members.

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