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Successful Models of Collaborative Practice in Maternity Care: ACNM joins ACOG on 2011 Issue of the Year

Last winter, ACNM and ACOG put out a call to members, asking for papers describing their collaborative practices. This landmark project, the ?2011 Issue of the Year: Successful Models of Collaborative Practice in Maternity Care,? generated a great deal of excitement and interest, and a total of 60 manuscripts were received. After a lengthy review process involving a team of ACNM and ACOG leaders, 4 winners, 4 honorable mentions, and 9 finalists were selected. Winners were announced in May at the 2011 ACOG Annual Clinical Meeting in Washington, DC, and a number of the manuscripts are being considered for publication in a variety of peer-reviewed journals. Below, a list of the winning papers and their authors, along with the honorable mentions and finalists.

Winners, Academic Category

Great Minds Don?t Think Alike: Collaborative Maternity Care at San Francisco General Hospital
by Margaret Hutchison, CNM, MSN; Linda Ennis, CNM, MSN; Jenna Shaw-Battista, CNM, MSN; Ana Delgado, CNM, MSN; Kara Myers, CNM, MSN; Leslie Cragin, CNM, MSN; Rebecca Jackson, MD

Successful Models of Collaborative Practice: The Baystate Story
by Ronald T. Burkman, MD; Susan DeJoy, CNM, PhD; Barbara W. Graves, CNM, MN, MPH; Daniel Grow, MD; Heather Z. Sankey, MD; Carolyn Delk, MD; Julie Feinland, CNM, MSN; Janet Kaplan, CNM, MSN; Anastasia Hallisey, CNM, MSN

Winners, Community Category

Group Health?s Family Beginnings: A Successful Collaborative Practice in Maternity Care in Seattle and Provider Group Histories
by Ann Darlington, CNM; Kelly McBroom,CNM; Susan Warwick, MD, FACOG

Collaborative Maternity Care in Yolo County, California: A Successful Model of Public Health and Private Practice Partnership
by Jenna Shaw-Battista, CNM, PhD; AnnetteFineberg, MD; Blanche Skubic, CNM;Deborah Woolley, CNM, PhD; Beth Johnson,MD; Barbara Boehler, CNM; and Zoe Tilton,MD

Honorable Mentions

Midwifery and Obstetrics: Twenty Years of a Successful and Collaborative Academic Practice Model in Medical Education
by Diane J. Angelini, EdD, CNM, FACNM, FAAN; Barbara O?Brien, MD; Janet Singer, CNM, MSN; Donald R. Coustan, MD 

Description of a Successful Collaborative Birth Center Practice among Midwives and an Obstetrician
by Dominic Cammarano III, D.O., FACOG, AABC; Robin Grant, CNM, MSN, ACNM, AABC; Jennifer Stevens, CNM, MSN, ACNM, AABC; Tammy L. Witmer, CNM, MSN, ACNM, AABC

Successful Models of Collaborative Practices in Maternity Care: Midwifery at The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates by Whitney Pinger, CNM, MSN; JeffreyBerger, MD, MBA; Laura Emmons, CNM,MSN; Erika Pineles Mark, CNM, MSN; Bonnie Williams, RN; Jenna Benyounes,CNM, MS; Claire H. Rodriguez, CNM, MS;Clara L. Savage, MPH; John Larsen, MD,FACOG, FACMG

Midwives and Obstetrician-Gynecologists Collaborating for Native American Women?s Health
by Joseph A. (Tony) Ogburn, MD; Eve Epsey, MD, MPH; Marilyn Pierce-Bulger, CNM; Alex Waxman, MD, MPH; Lisa Allee, CNM; William Haffner, MD; Jean Howe, MD, MPH


Physician-Certified Midwives Collaborative Care: An Integrated Obstetric Care Practice Model
by Mary H. Blackburn, CNM, MSN; Anthony Lathrop, PhD, CNM, RDMS; Arundathi Prasad, MD

ACOG/ACNM 2011 Issue of the Year Successful Models of Collaborative Practice in Maternity Care
by May Hsieh Blanchard, MD, FACOG; Jan M. Kriebs CNM, MSN, FACNM

Marshfield Clinic-Eau Claire Obstetrics and Midwifery: A Successful Model of Collaborative Practice
by Nanette Boehm, CNM, MSN, BSN; Melissa Emmerich, MD, FACOG

Collaborative Practice in Maternity Care: ABQ Health Partners Model of Success
by Susan Moore Daniels, CNM, MSN; Joel R. Teicher, MD, FACOG

Collaborative Practice in Maternity Care: Three Decades of Success at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
by Miriam N. Cordell, CNM, MS; Tina C. Foster, MD, MPH, MS; Emily R. Baker, MD; Barbara Fildes, CNM, MS, FACNM

Working Toward a Common Goal: A Collaborative Obstetrics and Gynecology Practice
by Nicole Marshall, CNM; Sarah Egan, CNM; Christina Flores, MD; Ruth Mankoff, CNM; Abbe Kirsch, CNM; Melissa Resnick, CNM

A Successful Model of Collaborative Practice in Maternity Care: A Women?s Medical Home in Los Angeles
by Ruth T. Mielke, CNM, PhD; Laila Al-Marayati, MD, FACOG; Betsy Jenkins, CNM, MPH; Ian B. Tilley, MD; Kamella Tate, EdD

Marin?s County CNM-MD Collaborative Obstetric Practice: Using Success to Create Community Change
by Malini Anand Nijagal, MD; Melanie Wice, CNM, MPH

The Birth of a Collaborative Model: Obstetricians, Midwives, and Family Physicians
by Christine Pecci, MD; Julie Mottl-Santiago, CNM, MPH; Larry Culpepper, MD, MPH; Linda Heffner, MD, PhD; Therese McMahan, CNM, MSN; Aviva Lee-Parritz, MD


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