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Position Description

POSITION: PRESIDENT-ELECT OF THE American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM)

BASIC FUNCTIONS: Serves for one year as the President-elect of the College assisting the President and preparing for assumption of presidential duties after the elect year. Provides leadership in setting goals, objectives and future directions for the ACNM.

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: Within the limits of the ACNM Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and policies established by the Board of Directors, the ACNM President:

The President-Elect shall:

  1. assist and advise the President, and perform other duties as requested or directed by the President;
  1. serve as Acting President in the absence or disability of the President, assume all authority conferred upon the office of President, and perform all duties for which the President is responsible until the President can resume duties;
  1. succeed to the office of President after one year as President-Elect;
  1. succeed to the office of President should the Presidency become vacant during an unfinished term.
  1. Serves as member of the Finance and Audit Committee.


1. Active member of the ACNM.

2. Proven leadership ability.

3. Evidence of long term commitment to the ACNM philosophy, Objectives and Bylaws. Ability to think and act in terms of ACNM’s organization, philosophy, purpose and function, based on knowledge of the history of ACNM and its prior actions.

4. Availability and ability to carry out the responsibilities of office.

5. More than 5 years active participation in activities of the ACNM, including knowledge of the current structure and function of the ACNM Board and College activities. May be achieved through prior election to BOD, Division/Committee Chair position, etc.

6. Have a minimum of 5 years professional work experience as a nurse-midwife/certified midwife in practice, education and/or administration.

7. Excellent communication and group skills. Management skills very helpful. Calm under pressure.

8. Primary commitment to the health and well being of women and childbearing families throughout the world.

INTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS: Has regular contact with, and overall responsibility for, the Officers of the College, Regional Representatives, Chairs of Division and Committees, and Executive Director.

EXTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS: Represents and speaks for the College and the midwifery profession to the public, outside organizations, press and governmental agencies. Interfaces with the ACNM Foundation and the ACNM Certification Council.

Approved by ACNM Board, July 2011

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