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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is one way to make a real difference! From helping your local community to bettering conditions across the globe, you can positively impact people by offering your time and creativity to ACNM's cause. Gain new experiences and insights, make meaningful connections, and build essential career skills by giving back to others. The American College of Nurse-Midwives is unique in that we provide all interested volunteers with a wide range of opportunities and positions. Apply for one of our open volunteer positions today!
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Clinical Standards & Documents (CS&D) members

The Clinical Standards & Documents (CS&D) committee is one of the most important ACNM committees. Volunteers work to write and revise ACNM documents that affect midwifery practice.

CS&D Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain clinical practice standards and documents.
  • Identify appropriate clinical experts for document updates.
  • Promote the practice of midwifery and maintain high standards to support ACNM membership.
  • Provide expertise to the ACNM on clinical management issues.

Please contact [email protected] with questions.

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ACNM Division of Global Engagement – Program Planning Committee Chair

The ACNM Division of Global Engagement (DGE) seeks a Chair for its Program Planning Committee (PPC). The Chair serves on the DGE Board of Governors and aligns PPC activities with DGE priorities. Responsibilities of the DGE PPC include:

1. Organize and host the DGE Reception & Silent Auction at the Annual Meeting
2. Lead and coordinate DGE-supported fundraising for the Bonnie Westenberg Pedersen International Midwife Award, and
3. Participate in recruitment, selection, and hosting of the Pedersen awardee.

The Chair serves as liaison to the ACNM Program Committee for task 1, and ACNM Foundation for tasks 2 & 3.

Please contact [email protected] with questions.

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Committee Members, Business Committee

Are you a practice director? Aspiring to become one? A billing expert? Help reactivate the Business Committee! We are looking for committee members and a chair. The committee will meet periodically and develop and respond to board charges. You will be providing a needed service to our members!
The Business Committee

  • Provides expertise and advice to ACNM on business issues that impact midwifery
  • Supplies expertise and representation on the Midwifery Works Planning Committee as well as the Annual Meeting’s business track
  • Monitors and responds to business-related inquiries posted by members on ACNM Connect
  • Reviews and revises the Getting Paid manual as needed
  • Identifies potential business experts to serve as advisors on behalf of ACNM
  • Please contact [email protected] with questions.

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    Committee Members, Home and Birth Center Committee (HBCC)

    Are you a home or birth center midwife? Bring your perspective, passion, and skills to the HBCC! Commitment is a once-monthly meeting and tasks that you volunteer for. That's it!

    The Home and Birth Center Committee (HBCC):

    • Identifies, develops, and updates the ACNM educational and professional resources (Evidence-based Practice (EBP) guidelines, handbook, sample documents, literature, suggested curricula, and data collection tools) specific to home birth and birth center standards and practice
    • Monitors national and state issues and social trends related to Home and Birth Center standards
    • Represents ACNM among other home birth and birth center midwifery organizations
    • Supports ACNM staff in providing consultations and referrals and/or resources to CNMs/CMs
    • Provides a professional forum, consulting, mentoring and referral service

    Please contact [email protected] with questions.

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    Committee Members, Consumer Engagement Committee (CEC)

    How many times have you told someone that you are a midwife and they say “Do they still have those?” OR “Oh you deliver babies at home?” OR “Did you have to go to school for that?” Let’s face it, many people do not know who midwives are and what they do!

    The Consumer Engagement Committee is looking for passionate midwives to join as Committee Members to help create strategic and creative initiatives to tell the world we are here and ready to meet their healthcare needs!

    If you:

    • Are willing to brainstorm ideas with peers
    • Have social media engagement skills (or not but have great ideas ??)
    • Like to dabble in graphic design and creative marketing
    • Believe midwives are the answer!!!

    Then please consider joining us! The Consumer Engagement Committee meets once a month for about an hour and works on projects in between. 

    Please contact [email protected] with questions.

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     School Policies & Processes Taskforce (Subgroup of Racism in Midwifery Education Taskforce)

    The School Policies & Processes Subgroup of the Racism in Midwifery Education Taskforce is seeking additional committee members. The goal of this subgroup is to develop an action plan that will target school policies related to equitable and inclusive admission processes. 

    Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

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    Committee Chair and Members: The Affiliate Development and Support Committee

    The Affiliate Development and Support (AD&S) Committee seeks 4 to 5 new members and a chair. We seek committee members who can serve three-year terms, attend monthly meetings, and support or manage special projects and ongoing tasks. Committee members can choose their areas of interest and we can accommodate most schedules and time commitments. To best serve the diverse needs of the affiliates we are specifically seeking members of color, student CNMs and CMs, TGNC members, and members from regions I, IV, V, and VI.

    The AD&S Committee's role is to support and strengthen ACNM Affiliates in many areas including: governance and management; advocacy and coalition building; professional development; advancing antiracism; and consumer/member engagement. 

    Key AD&S Committee Activities

    • Conduct the annual Affiliate Leader Workshop at Annual Meeting
    • Provide materials and training in basic governance and management of an Affiliate


    • Advance an equity agenda and increase diversity and belonging
    • Support onboarding of new affiliate leaders
    • Provide professional development opportunities for members

    Please contact [email protected] with questions.
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    Board Member: Midwives PAC, ACNM's Political Action Committee 

    The fabulous Midwives PAC is seeking two new board members! The Midwives PAC is the fundraising arm of the ACNM Advocacy division. This volunteer position offers the opportunity to learn about advocacy at the national level. The Midwives PAC is a working committee that plans the Midwives PAC Rally and auction at ACNM’s Annual Meeting and continues fundraising efforts throughout the year. The money we raise is donated to the campaigns of federal legislators, enabling them to support national policies that make midwifery care more accessible throughout the US. The Midwives-PAC is committed to diversity and inclusion within our committee. Our advocacy efforts include the diversification of the midwifery profession and the closing of racial disparities in maternal and neonatal health outcomes. We are looking for energetic and creative midwives committed to amplifying midwives’ voices in Washington DC.

    Qualifications of Members

    • Member of the ACNM in good standing, with the majority of members being active members of the ACNM
    • Able to participate in committee activities, including checking and responding to email communication daily as needed (except for extenuating circumstances)
    • Previous and current donor to the Midwives-PAC
    • Agrees to a pledge of confidentiality and conflict of interest
    • Knowledge and interest in the political and policy activities of ACNM
    • Skills in organizational management
    • Able to attend and serve as needed during the Annual Meeting at least every other year (except for extenuating circumstances). A member who does not attend the Annual Meeting for two consecutive years may be dropped from committee membership.
    • Able to participate in at least half of the monthly to quarterly conference calls. A member who cannot participate in at least half may be dropped from committee membership at the discretion of the Chair.

    Responsibilities of the Members

    • Assist with the promotion, solicitation, facilitation, receipt, and accumulation of voluntary contributions from members of the ACNM or others who may be legally solicited, as well as assist with the distribution of funds.
    • Identify fundraising strategies to meet the target contribution goals of the Midwives-PAC.
    • Become familiar with the rules and regulations governing political action committees, primarily through an orientation/review at the Annual Meeting and through the FEC.
    • Educate CNMs, CMs, midwifery students, and other supporters of the profession about the political process and encourage their participation and contributions to the Midwives-PAC through outreach and advocacy efforts.
    • Take responsibility for recruitment and retention of prior donors, especially those at donor club participation level.
    • Identify prospective donor club level participants among ACNM members.
    • Serve as resources for local affiliates for state legislative advocacy, and assist with the development and management of state PACs as needed.
    • Serve and attend meetings and events as needed during the Annual Meeting. Each committee member will staff the Midwives-PAC/GAC booth for the purposes of fundraising and ACNM member education on the Midwives-PAC.
    • Mentor potential future committee members in fundraising and PAC acumen and management.
    • Contribute to the Midwives-PAC on an annual basis.

    Please contact Jessica Olsen, Chair of the Midwives PAC, at [email protected] with questions.
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    National Government Affairs Committee - Student Coordinator

    The National Government Affairs Committee (NGAC) is looking for a student coordinator. Click here for a thorough description of the role. The NCAC serves as a forum for policy coordination from the Divisions and helps to implement ACNM's federal advocacy goals related to midwifery practice and women's health by carrying out strategies on a national level. The National Government Affairs Committee also coordinates the mobilization of grassroots efforts by ACNM's membership, ensuring that our direct political action is both enthusiastic and effective. Contact NGAC Chair, Lexi Garbus: [email protected].

    Division of Membership & Publications - Membership & Marketing Committee Members

    ACNM Division of Membership & Publications is seeking candidates for members of the Membership & Marketing Committee. Members of the Membership & Marketing Committee work with the Chair and ACNM staff to fulfill the committee charges.

    Committee Responsibilities:

    • Work with ACNM Membership and Marketing Director to create and implement a membership strategic plan
    • Gather data to assess member satisfaction and needs
    • Help establish membership needs and priorities
    • Set goals for membership expansion
      • Review programs for effectiveness
      • Enhance or eliminate current programs; and/or
      • Develop and implement new programs to achieve these goals.


    • Member of the American College of Nurse-Midwives in good standing
    • Able to participate in regular virtual committee and/or subcommittee activities
    • Midwives with varied backgrounds and clinical expertise in different settings are encouraged to apply. Student and associate members are welcome.

    Please contact [email protected] with questions.
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