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ExamSim Preparation for the ARDMS Midwife Sonography Exam

ACNM and Pegasus Lectures, Inc. introduce the Midwife Sonography ExamSim Program!

The Midwifery Ultrasound Assessment ExamSim Program is a joint product by ACNM and Pegasus Lectures, Inc., developed to help CNMs and CMs determine their level of expertise in ultrasound and prepare candidates for the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) Midwife Sonography Exam.

The Midwifery Ultrasound Assessment ExamSim Program consists of:
  • An interactive test-taking strategy section
  • Three complete tests following the format and content outline of the credentialing exam
  • A comprehensive review of the test questions
  • A patented Intelligent Analysis Program that generates specific reports
  • Continuing education credits (both ACNM and (Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers) SDMS).
The comprehensive review section is much more than just the correct answer to the questions. In review mode, detailed explanations are included to make certain that the concept being tested is well understood. For exam preparation and for determining level of preparedness, there is no educational tool more valuable than this exam simulation program.

By using this invaluable ExamSim tool to prepare for the ARDMS Midwife Sonography, you will have studied the key concepts, focused on your areas of weakness and used your valuable study time efficiently and effectively.

Next Steps and Getting Started

Visit Pegasus Lectures for more information, and to register for the exam prep program.

The Midwife Sonography Certificate

The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) has developed an ultrasound certificate examination for midwifery professionals.

The new Midwife Sonography Certificate will document expertise and commitment to high-quality patient care in women's point-of-care ultrasound. This midwifery-focused examination will assess knowledge, skills and abilities in the areas of the female reproductive system as well as the fetus in the first, second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Applicants will need to take and pass the Midwife (MW) Sonography examination in order to earn their Midwife Sonography Certificate.

When to Apply and Take the Test

The application period is open December 10, 2019 - February 18, 2020. The examination will be administered from March 3, 2020 - April 2, 2020 at testing centers located throughout North America. Learn More!

Prerequisites/Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements comprised of clinical and educational requirements were developed by ARDMS staff in partnership with the Midwife Sonography examination Development Task Force. Read More.
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For more information about the certification such as the prerequisites and costs, please visit www.ARDMS.org/MW.

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