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ACNM Response to the Film "Pieces of a Woman"

January 11, 2021 - As midwives caring for pregnant people and their families, we would like to acknowledge the efforts of the film Pieces of a Woman in exploring the topic of loss in birth. The film, recently released on Netflix, poignantly portrays one person’s process of loss and how this is reflected in her family and her efforts to move beyond grief. How the wider community, including the birth team, may have been impacted are less explored.

We would like to fully acknowledge and honor all stories and voices of those who experience loss in birth and recognize the secondary trauma experienced by those providing care when unexpected outcomes occur.

ACNM believes the film, although perhaps unintentionally, may perpetuate a common cultural narrative of homebirth as an unsafe choice and midwifery care as somehow to blame when tragic events occur. Over time and consistently, midwifery care practiced in an integrated system that supports interprofessional communication and seamless transition of care based on the needs of the individual has been shown to result in optimal outcomes.

ACNM members, join the conversation on topics that arise in the media related to midwives and their care in our new Connect forum, "Midwives in the Media".

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