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Sponsored Events

Who's coming to the Exhibit Hall? Check out the live floorplan to see all our confirmed merchants and vendors.

Exhibit Hall Hours

Thursday, May 30: 4 pm - 6:30 pm
Exhibit Hall open with Welcome Reception

Friday, May 31: 11:30 am - 3:30 pm
Exhibit Hall and Midwifery Market open
Lunch served 12 noon - 1:30 pm

Saturday, June 1: 9:30 am - 2 pm
Exhibit Hall and Midwifery Market open
Buffet brunch served 10:30 am - 12 noon

Bio Oil-sponsored chalk artist Anthony Cappetto will be on hand as this year's Exhibit Hall attraction. Cappetto has been creating and sharing street painting (chalk) art for viewers and festival attendees since 2001.

His 3D paintings are always an opportunity to interact with viewers, which he enjoys greatly.

Sponsored Events

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Thursday, May 30

Breakfast Symposium sponsored by Ariosa Diagnostics
7:15 am - 8:15 am
Renaissance Hotel - Music City Ballroom
Attendance increased to 150 - SOLD OUT! Sign up for the waiting list.
Open to all attendees

Non-invasive Prenatal Testing: A New Era for Fetal Trisomy Detection

Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) is a highly accurate testing option that analyzes cfDNA circulating in maternal blood to evaluate the risk of Down syndrome and other common genetic conditions. The test is performed from a single maternal blood draw obtained as early as 10 weeks' gestation. It can be offered to all singleton, as well as non-biologic (donor egg or surrogate), pregnancies. More recently, NIPT options have been expanded to include X and Y-chromosome analysis. This symposium will discuss important scientific and clinical considerations associated with NIPT and offer case studies demonstrating appropriate medical utility.

Friday, May 31

Breakfast Symposium sponsored by The Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice (OHNEP) Program and The National Interprofessional Initiative on Oral Health (NIIOH)
6:45 am-7:45 am
Renaissance Hotel - West Ballroom
Attendance limited to 300 (plus waiting list)
Open to all attendees

The Midwifery Profession: Frontline Promoters of Oral Health for pregnant Women and Newborns!

Oral health is key to overall health and well-being of pregnant women and their babies. What do midwives need to know in 2013 about oral health during pregnancy and playing a key role in preventing the most common disease of childhood, Early Childhood Caries (ECC)?

Presenters: Judith Haber, PhD, APRN, BC, FAAN, Executive Director, Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice (OHNEP) Program, NYU College of Nursing; Jeanne A. Conrey, MD, PhD, President-Elect, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG); Melinda B. Clark, MD, Editor, Smiles for Life National Oral Health Curriculum; Jill B. Fernandez, RDH, MPH, Co Principal Investigator, Interdisciplinary Strategies to Reduce Risk of Early Childhood Caries and Establish a Dental Home in the First Year of Life; Julia Lange-Kessler, CM, MS, RN, LC, Coordinator of the NYU Nurse-Midwifery Program

Product Theatre sponsored by Hologic
11:45 am - 12:45 pm
Nashville Convention Center - West Exhibit Hall
Attendance Limited to 200 - SOLD OUT! Sign up for the waiting list.
Open to all attendees

Trichomonas Vaginalis: The Forgotten STI

Trichomonas vaginalis infections are not reportable and published data likely underestimates true prevalence. What do clinicians need to know in 2013 to reduce adverse outcomes associated with trichomonas infections?

Presented by Kimberle Chapin, MD, DABMM, FCAP, Director of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Molecular Diagnostics, Rhode Island Hospital; Professor Pathology and Medicine, Brown Medical School, Providence, RI.

Product Theatre
sponsored by Teva Women's Health, Inc: ParaGard Insertion Training
1:15 pm - 2:45 pm
Limited to the first 50 registrants - SOLD OUT, sign up for the waiting list.
Open to all attendees

Limited to the first 50 registrants. Others welcome to hear the presentation. Box lunches will be provided to the first 50 attendees following the training.

Student and Faculty Happy Hour and Presentation sponsored by LexiComp
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Attendance limited to 200 (with waiting list)
Open to all attendees

Join Lexicomp for a fun-filled Happy Hour, and discover how our unbiased drug information and superior clinical tools can provide midwives with essential clinical reinforcement when they need it most. This event includes a quick demo of midwives' favorite features that set Lexicomp apart from other resources, including detailed content on drug use in pregnancy and breastfeeding; prescribing parameters and interactions screening covering birth control, anti-depressants, OTCs, and natural products; and lab test indicators. Wouldn't it be great to have that valuable support instantly accessible while on rotations? Exclusive on-site discounts available - and chance to win an iPad mini!

Saturday, June 1

Breakfast Symposium sponsored by Duchesnay USA
7:15 am - 8:15 am
Renaissance Hotel - Music City Ballroom, level 2
Attendance limited to 200 - SOLD OUT! Sign up for the waiting list.
Open to all attendees

Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy: New Perspectives

Presenters: Elaine Milecarski, CNM; Andre Lalonde, MD

Product Theatre sponsored by Sequenom Center for Molecular Medicine
11:45 am - 12:45 pm
Attendance limited to 200 - SOLD OUT! Sign up for the waiting list.
Open to all attendees

Circulating Cell-Free (ccf) Nucleic Acid Technology: The Evolution of Noninvasive Prenatal Testing for Fetal Aneuploidies

Speaker Kathy Gater, CNM, will give a general overview of the history circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) technology:

1. Review of the first application of ccffDNA technology in the direct determination of fetal RHD status in RhD (-) mothers

2. Review of the current Sequenom CMM laboratory experience

3. Noninvasive prenatal test comparisons