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Protecting Our Credential for All

As stated earlier, ACNM has supported the decision to require mandatory recertification for all CNMs and CMs in active practice, while sincerely regretting the distress that this change has caused for some of our members. President Holly Powell Kennedy addressed the transition from lifetime to mandatory recertification in the Winter 2011 issue of ACNM's Quickening newsletter.  

"Part of advancing the midwifery profession requires protecting the CNM and CM credentials to ensure recognition and stature....Although members of the ACNM Board of Directors regret the distress this transition has generated for some of our members, we also recognize that major consumer and regulatory forces have been in motion for some time that have left part of our profession perilously behind,to the potential jeopardy of all. This movement has advanced to the point in which health care professions who do not adequately require recertification risk being discredited.  Consumer advocacy groups are calling for  tougher state laws; state regulators have  begun to threaten revocation of licensure for those with lifetime certifications; and certification boards that do not require rigorous assessment of continuing competency are being scrutinized and risk obsolescence. We believe that these trends can no longer be ignored, and that they have a potential impact on all CNMs and CMs and the integrity and stature of our profession.  In that context, the ACNM BOD supports AMCB's decision to require time-limited certifications for all CNMs and CMs in active clinical practice, in order to preserve public safety; protect CNM's/CM's eligibility for state licensure; maximize eligibility for government program payments for our services; safeguard a positive reputation for ACNM, AMCB, and the profession of midwifery; and limit otherwise potentially extensive liability exposure for AMCB and ACNM."

Read President Holly Powell Kennedy's full-text Quickening article on this subject. [pdf]


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