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Excellence in Leadership and Innovation Award (Kitty Ernst Award)

The Excellence in Leadership and Innovation Award (Formerly known as the Kitty Ernst Award) honors an exceptional, relatively new CNM/CM who is an ACNM member, has been certified for less than ten years, and has demonstrated innovative, creative endeavors in midwifery and/or women's health clinical practice, education, administration, or research. When submitting a nomination, the following documents are required: nomination letter, 1 letter of recommendation, and the nominees CV. To submit a nomination, click here.

Award Recipients
2023 Karie Stewart
2022 Stephanie Tillman
2021 Simon Ellis (NOTE: As of 2021 the new award name is Excellence in Leadership and Innovation Award)
2020 Mary Paterno
2019 Melissa A “Missy” Saftner
2018 Car'ly Snow
2017 Ann Marie Konkoly
2016 Maj Elizabeth Nutter
2015 Ebony Roebuck
2014 Kim Q. Dau
2013 Terrah Stroda
2012 Amy Romano
2011 Melissa Willmarth
2010 Tonia L. Moore-Davis
2009 Frances Likis
2008 Diana R. Caplan Jolles
2007 Mayri Sagady Leslie
2006 Anne Atkinson Hyre
2005 Julia Cain Phillippi
2004 Heather Bradford
2003 Rebecca Burpo
2002 Lynette Hamlin (formerly Ament)
2001 Kerri Schuiling
2000 Mary Jane Lewitt
1999 Susan E. Stone
1998 Cecilia Bacom

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