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Implementation of the Affordable Care Act

Issue Summary

Signed into law on March 23, 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) contains numerous provisions impacting a wide range of health care related issues.  The overarching goals of the legislation were to increase the number of people with insurance coverage, improve the design of existing policies, and increase the quality of care provided in the U.S., all while taking significant steps to control costs.

Key issues for midwives include:
  • Increasing Medicare reimbursement for midwives to 100% of that received by physicians
  • Requiring Medicaid programs to provide coverage for birth center services and the services of providers working in birth centers
  • Expansion of the eligibility criteria for Medicaid  
  • Creation of the new Health Insurance Marketplaces and requirements related to plans offered through the Marketplaces
  • Defining the "essential health benefits" (EHB) that must be covered by insurers both inside and outside of the Marketplaces
  • Providing assistance for education of midwives 

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