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How to Schedule Visits on Capitol Hill


The process for scheduling appointments with your elected officials on Capitol Hill is relatively straightforward. The following is a step-by-step guide, however, that should address most questions you might have.

Step #1

  • Since you are requesting an opportunity to meet with your elected officials in Washington, D.C., you must call their respective Washington, D.C. offices to make an appointment.
  • Dial the Capitol Operator at (202) 225-3121 and request the number of your Representative and/or Senators, or ask to be connected to each office directly.
Step #2

  • Once you have reached the appropriate office, ask to speak with the scheduler.  Some schedulers will require you to prepare a letter requesting a visit with the elected official. A sample letter is provided for you by clicking here for your convenience.
Step #3

  • When speaking to the scheduler, specify that you want to meet with the Representative or Senator. Express that you understand the Representative or Senator has a busy schedule, but meeting with him/her is very important and you are willing to work with their schedule on that day.
  • If the member of Congress' schedule does not permit a face-to-face meeting, express to the scheduler that you would be pleased to meet with his Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, and/or the Legislative Assistant handling health care issues.
Step #4

  • Remember to thank the scheduler. These individuals are critical to your access to your elected representatives. A few days prior to the scheduled meeting, you may want to check back with the scheduler to make sure the meeting is still going to work with your member of Congress' schedule.
Step #5

  • Please review the federal section of the website before your meeting and please make sure to contact Patrick Cooney, ACNM's Federal Lobbyist about your scheduled visit. He may be able to join you on your visit and he can assist you with the preparation. Patrick can be reached at (202) 374-0034 or via email at [email protected].
Step #6

  • Please remember to send a thank you note after the meeting which will include any follow up items for discussion. Additionally, please send a completed reporting form summarizing your meeting to the National Office.
Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of the profession!


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