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ACNM Bylaws

ACNM Bylaws Committee

The ACNM Bylaws Committee reviews all proposed changes to ACNM and ACNM Affiliate bylaws, as well as Standing Rules of Procedure (SROPs) for the volunteer structure of ACNM (divisions, committees, task forces, and caucuses). Upon their review, the committee makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval at quarterly Board meetings. 

The current chair of the Bylaws Committee is Linda Nanni, CNM, MSN, FACNM; Region V Representative Lynne Himmelreich, CNM, MPH, FACNM, is the Board Liaison to the committee; and national office contacts are Chief Executive Officer Lorrie Kaplan and Executive Assistant Cari Ross

Committee members include: Connie Swentek, CNM, MSN, FACNM; Dawn Durain, CNM, FACNM; Elizabeth Hill-Karbowski, CNM, PhD; and Deborah Kaiser, CNM, RN-C. 

Member Vote: Revised Bylaws and Companion Documents 

The ACNM Bylaws revision is complete and ready for review. 

In line with Article XVII, Section B of the current bylaws, these documents were available for your review 60 days prior to a member vote, which occurred in conjunction with the 2015 election. The election was open from February 9-March 8.

2015 Election Results

  • Vote #1: 92.2% of voting members approved the proposed revised bylaws.
  • Vote #2: 80.9% of voting members approved a proposed bylaws provision to impose a limit of every 5 years on how often an amendment to change the name of the name of ACNM can be brought to the membership.

While voting members approved both of these proposals by a sizable majority, only 18.05% of active members submitted valid ballots, falling short of the 20% quorum required to amend the bylaws (Article XVII, Section B of the current bylaws). As a result, these proposed amendments will be brought unchanged to the membership for a vote at the Business Meeting held at the 60th Annual Meeting. To pass at the business meeting, they must be approved by a 2/3 affirmative vote of the voting members present at the Business Meeting. Specific notice of this vote will be provided to ACNM members no later than 60 days prior to the Business Meeting.

This section will be updated with more information about the membership vote at the 2015 Business Meeting.

Find out more about the ACNM elections and results here.

Vote #1: Please note that we will be asking you to vote on this document in its entirety, and your vote will “favor” or “oppose” the revised document. 

Vote #2: There will be one separate, additional vote regarding new language in Article XVII, Section C, which limits how often an amendment to change our name may be brought to the membership. The intention of this proposed change is that, if approved, it would be implemented following the first time a name change amendment is brought to the ACNM membership following the adoption of these bylaws. For example, if the bylaws are approved in 2015, and a proposal to change the name comes to the membership in 2016, this provision would allow the next name change proposal to take place as early as 2021. 

Read more about how we incorporated the member comments into this final revision in the section below.

Current ACNM Bylaws and 2014-15 Review Process

First adopted in 1955, the ACNM Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are the guiding documents which define the structure and function of all areas of the organization. The current Bylaws were amended and approved in 2008. 

Starting in 2014, the ACNM Bylaws Committee began collecting information as part of the research phase for a potential 2015 amendment process. A thorough draft of the proposed changes was brought to the Board of Directors at the September 2014 meeting for discussion. Most of the proposed changes are simple language re-working to create a more clear, digestible document.

As part of the amendment process, we included a Member Comment period for the more substantial proposed changes. Feedback was taken into account for a final proposed draft and brought to the Board in December. 

Throughout the process, the Bylaws Committee consulted with ACNM's attorney, Peter Wolk, JD, MEd, who is the Founder and Executive Director of the National Center for Nonprofit Law. Peter has been a trusted advisor to ACNM since 2007.

Member Comment on Proposed Bylaws Changes

Thank you for your attention and thoughtful discussion regarding the proposed substantive changes to the ACNM Bylaws. The feedback was very helpful in this stage of the document. 

Overall, we received positive feedback on the revisions in the member comment period. Read about how we incorporated the feedback to the final revision here, and about all of the proposed substantive changes in the link below.

  • 2015 Bylaws Review Member Comment

    Participate in the member comment period of the Bylaws revision process to discuss the 10 proposed substantive changes before they go to a member vote!


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