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JMWH Best Paper of the Year Awards

2011 (for articles published in 2010)

The Coping with Labor Algorithm: An Alternate Pain Assessment Tool for the Laboring Woman (JMWH 2010;55:107-116). By Leissa Roberts, CNM, DNP; Brenda Gulliver, RN, MS; Janet Fisher, RNC, BSN; Kristin G. Cloyes, RN, PhD

2010 (for articles published in 2009)

The interaction between chronic stress and pregnancy: preterm birth from a biobehavioral perspective (JMWH 2009;54:8-17). By Gwen Latendresse, CNM, PhD

2009 (for articles published in 2008)

Cervical cancer screening practices of certified nurse-midwives in the United States (JMWH 2008;53:11-18). By Patricia Aikins Murphy, CNM, DrPH, FACNM; Eleanor Bimla Schwarz, MD; and Jane M. Dyer, CNM, MS

2008 (for articles published in 2007)

Air pollution: impact on maternal and perinatal health (JMWH 2007;52:435-443). By Barbara Hackley, CNM, MSN; Abigail Feinstein, CNM, MSN; and Jane Dixon, PhD.

2007 (for articles published in 2006)

Common problems of urination in nonpregnant women: causes, current management, and prevention strategies (JMWH 2006;51:159-173). By Katharine O’Dell, CNM and Lisa Labin, MD.

2006 (for articles published in 2005)

Midwifery Care Measures in the Second Stage of Labor and Reduction of Genital Tract Trauma at Birth: a Randomized Trial (JMWH 2005;50:365-372). By Leah L. Albers, CNM, DrPH, FACNM, FAAN; Kay D. Sedler, CNM, MN, FACNM; Edward J. Bedrick, PhD; Dusty Teaf, MA; and Patricia Peralta.

2005 (for articles published in 2004)
Elective cesarean birth: Issues and ethics of an informed decision (JMWH 49-5; 421-29). By Barbara L. McFarlin, CNM, MS, RDMS

2004 (for articles published in 2003)
Adolescents Experiences of Childbirth: Contrasts with Adults (JMWH 2003; 48: 192-198). By Lisa Kane Low, CNM, PhD, FACNM; Karin Martin, PhD; Carolyn Sampselle, RNC, PhD, FAAN; Barbara Guthrie, RN, PhD; and Deborah Oakley, PhD

2003 (a 2-way tie for articles published in 2002)
Women's Public Health Policy in the 21st Century. (JMWH 2002;47:228-38). By Julie Mottl-Santiago, CNM, MPH 

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Birth: a National Survey of US Midwifery Practice. (JMWH 2002; 47:347-53). By Catherine Carr, CNM, DrPH; Pat Burkhardt, CNM, DrPH; and Melissa Avery, CNM, PhD

2002 (for articles published in 2001)
Hidden from View: Violent Deaths among Pregnant Women in the District of Columbia 1988-1996. (JMWH 2001; 46:4-10). By Cara J. Krulewitch, CNM, PhD; Marie Lydie Pierre-Louis, MD; Regina de Leon-Gomez, MD; Richard Guy, MD; and Richard Green, MD 

2001 (for articles published in 2000)
A Model of Exemplary Midwifery Practice Results of a Delphi Study.(JMWH 2000; 45:4-19). By Holly Powell Kennedy, CNM, PhD, FACNM

2000 (for articles published in 1999)

 Herbs and the Childbearing Woman: Guidelines for Midwives.(JNM 1999; 44: 231-252). By Cindy Belew, CNM

1999 (a 2-way tie for articles published in 1998)
Midwifery Management of Pain in Labor. (JNM 1998; 43: 77-82). Award accepted by Leah Albers, CNM, DrPH, FACNM on behalf of The CNM Data Group, 1996 

Current Issues in the Midwifery Management of Women Living with HIV / AIDS.(JNM 1999; 43:502-525). By Aileen MacLaren, CNM, PhD and Wendy Imberg, MN, ARNP

1998 (for articles published in 1997)
Evaluation of a Reduced-Frequency Prenatal Visit Schedule for Low-Risk Women at a Free-Standing Birthing Center. (JNM 1997; 42: 295-303) By Deborah S. Walker, CNM, DNSc and Deborah Koniak-Griffin, RN, EdD, FAAN 


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