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ACNM Research Agenda

Research Priorities by Strategic Focus

Policy: Pursue legislative, political and legal strategies to promote the hallmarks of midwifery
as the standard for women's health care.

Examine membersí perceived barriers to practice.

Critical analysis of state legislation restrictive and conducive to midwifery practice.

Identify thriving and struggling midwifery services to examine their practice environment
for common and discordant issues. This would include, but not be limited to
reimbursement avenues, malpractice, credentialing processes, level of autonomy,
regulation, and internal policies.

Research/Evidence-based Practice: Promote excellence in clinical midwifery practice that is founded on the
best available research evidence.

Develop a systematic approach to collecting clinical practice data across the membership.

Promote research that describes and links midwifery processes of care to specific

Describe womenís decision-making processes on choice of provider and procedures
during pregnancy and birth.

Development of research on VBAC and epidurals.

Education: Provide a strong foundation for midwifery practice and women's health through
basic midwifery education programs, continuing education and the education of

Describe the reasons for the declining pool of midwifery applicants.

Examine schools with thriving and struggling applicant pools for common and discordant

Collaboration: Strengthen coalitions with individuals, organizations and agencies that focus
on or impact women's health (physicians, other midwives, nurses, other health
professions, government agencies, non government agencies etc).

Explore practice environments where collaboration is especially strong among differently
prepared and licensed midwives.

Establish a common research goal with the MANA Board of Directors.

Visibility/Message: Increase visibility and demand for midwifery services and a midwifery
model of health care.

Describe what women believe, and how they learned, about midwives and midwifery

Describe what legislators and insurance (both health reimbursement & liability)
executives believe, and how they learned, about midwives and midwifery practice.

Organizational/Leadership Development: Enhance communication and optimal functioning among and
between ACNM's members, volunteer leaders and staff.

Examine the reasons midwives (a) do not join, or (b) leave the ACNM

Identify each memberís top priority to be addressed by the ACNM

ACNM BOD Approval June 2005


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