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ACNM 2017 Elections FAQ's

ACNM Elections Update FAQ for Members - February 8, 2017

 To protect ACNM election integrity following discovery of a data processing error, 54 ACNM members are being reissued ballots in the 2017 ACNM election. Every member’s vote matters. Every member is encouraged to vote. This provides information for members so that they have confidence that every member has the opportunity to vote and every vote will be counted accurately.

 What happened?

 When ACNM pulled the member list for our elections vendor to use in administering the 2017 ACNM elections, the list mis-assigned some members to the wrong ACNM region. Thus some members were assigned ballots for the wrong region. The error was discovered by members who received the wrong ballot for their region and contacted ACNM. ACNM reviewed its data, found the error, corrected it, and supplied the correct validated member data to our elections vendor. Since January 30, 2017, all members voting by the electronic method have seen only the correct ballot online and have been voting correctly. Members voting by paper ballot are being reissued the correct ballot.

 How many members are truly affected?

 A total of 54 members are affected. 13 members voted electronically on the wrong ballot between January 20th and 30th. 41 members were sent the wrong paper ballot.

 What is being done to help those 54 members and ensure every member’s vote is counted? And that no one gets a double vote? 

 The 13 members who voted on the wrong electronic ballot are being sent information and instructions to vote again. The 41 members who were sent the wrong paper ballot are being sent new paper ballots with instructions to vote again. Any member who voted on the incorrect ballot will not have their vote counted.  Coding on both the electronic and paper ballots ensures that only valid ballots, and no invalid or erroneous ballots, will be counted. Our elections vendor counts the ballots. Finally, all members are continually encouraged to vote. Members will be reminded by email as scheduled on February 10, 2017, to vote by the election closing date of February 20, 2017, 11:59 pm Eastern time.

 How did ACNM arrive upon this resolution process?

 ACNM uses an elections vendor that has conducted hundreds of elections for many different types of organizations, including professional member organizations like ACNM. We are following their recommended process for resolving issues of this type and communicating information to members.

 How can we make sure this does not happen in the future?

 We have corrected the error in the ACNM database and standardized our data validation process. We have documented the issue and its resolution, as well as our overall election process so that it is consistent year after year.

 What if I have a question about the elections?

 Please email [email protected].

 Who is responsible for this?

 ACNM CEO Frank Purcell is.


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