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60 Days to 60 Storytelling Project

2015 marks the 60th anniversary of the American College of Nurse-Midwives?and it's all about 60! We want to celebrate you?our members. As certified nurse-midwives and certified midwives, serving women across the United States and abroad, of all ages and backgrounds?our members deserve recognition and appreciation. One way of accomplishing this is through collective storytelling.

We?d like you to share your midwifery journey with us through short videos that can be shared during the 60 days leading up to our 60th anniversary. Videos are a great way to tell your story so you can be heard and celebrated by your peers, by midwifery supporters, and by those who may not be familiar with midwifery?yet!

Here's what you need to know to submit a video*:


Please address one of these 2 areas in a 60 second (or less) video:

1. Tell us why you?re a midwife


2. Tell us what midwifery means to you

  • Please submit a video that is 60 seconds or less here.
  • Group submissions are welcome!
  • If you feel "technologically-challenged" a group submission is a great idea
  • Be creative! You can use signs, music, costumes, unique scenery, etc.
  • However, sometimes, simple is best!

Midwives are extremely passionate about what they do each day. Let us know how you feel when you practice, what it was like to catch your first baby, or how teaching impacts the way you look at the midwifery community.

Let the creative ideas flow?


  • Unclear about how to record a short video? We've made it easy. All you have to do is hit the submit button on our submission page! 
  • Using your phone is an easy solution and here are a few tips for both iPhone and Android devices.
  • Videos must be submitted as an mpeg, mp4, or mov file and uploaded via the website. You can also download the App and enter ACNM60 to do it directly on your phone!  (But please don't email them to us!)
  • *Not a videographer? No problem! You can also submit your story here by telling us in 150 words or less why you're a midwife or what midwifery means to you. You will have the option to upload a photo to accompany your story and we'll share this in lieu of a video.
  • Have a question? Email it to [email protected]



  • Please start submitting your videos now! We?ll be collecting them on a rolling basis but please submit them as soon as you can!
  • The first 60 videos submitted will be shared during the 60 days leading up to the ACNM Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Washington, D.C. across our social media channels. The 60 days begin on April 27!
  • Should we receive more than 60 videos, we'll be sure to share those as well during and after the Annual Meeting.

Please note: By hitting the submission button you are giving permission to ACNM to widely share your video (or your written story & photo) via the website, social media channels, during this Annual Meeting and future meetings, and for marketing purposes.