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Hattie Hemschemeyer Award

The Lifetime Visionary Award (Formerly Known as the Hattie Hemschemeyer Award) honors an exceptional CNM/CM who is an ACNM member, has been certified for at least ten years, and has provided either continuous outstanding contributions or distinguished service to midwifery and/or MCH, or contributions of historical significance to the development and advancement of midwifery, ACNM, or MCH. When submitting a nomination, the following documents are required: nomination letter, 1 letter of recommendation, and nominee's CV. To submit a nomination, click here

Award Recipients

2022 Carolyn Curtis
2021 Peter Johnson (NOTE: As of 2021, the new award name is Lifetime Visionary Award)
2020 Ginger Breedlove
2019 Debbie Armbruster
2018 Nancy K. Lowe
2017 Frances T. Thacher
2016 Holly Powell Kennedy
2015 Mary Ellen Stanton
2014 Judith S. Mercer
2013 Tekoa L. King
2012 Mary Brucker
2011 Dr. Leah Albers
2010 Sharon Schindler Rising
2009 Katherine Camacho Carr
2008 Joyce Roberts
2007 Nancy Jo Reedy
2006 Sandra Tebben Buffington
2005 Lily S. Y. Hsia
2004 Irene Sandvold
2003 Teresa Marsico
2002 Sr. Jeanne Meurer
2001 Betty W. Carrington
2000 Judith Fullerton
1999 Elizabeth S. Sharp
1998 Judith Rooks
1997 Mary Ann Shah
1996 Joyce Cameron Foster
1995 Lisa Paine
1994 Sr. Catherine R. Shean & Mary Shean
1993 M. Elizabeth Hosford
1992 Armentia T. Jarrett
1991 Marian Strachen
1990 Sr. Angela Murdaugh
1989 Bonnie Pedersen
1988 Eunice K. M. Ernst
1987 Joyce E. Thompson
1986 Dorothea Lang
1985 Lucille Woodville
1984 Carmela Cavero
1983 Ruth Watson Lubic
1982 Helen Varney Burst
1981 Sandra J. Dietrich
1980 Agnes Reinders
1979 Ernestine Wiedenbach
1977 Rose McNaught


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