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Board of Commissioners
The Board of Commissioners (BOC) is the governing body for ACME. ACME is administratively and financially autonomous from the American College of Nurse-Midwives. The BOC is responsible for formulating and administering policies and procedures, developing accreditation criteria and establishing the strategic direction for the agency. The BOC meets monthly. ACME Board of Commissioners

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee (AC) is established by the BOC to provide input and advice to the BOC on broad issues related to education, and as needed, contributes to the development of policies and the evaluation of ACME. The AC is composed of members representing nursing, medicine, education, public health, allied health, and the public; and includes the immediate past chair of ACME. ACME Advisory Committee

Board of Review

The Board of Review (BOR) is a body within ACME that has chief responsibility for determining and granting pre/accreditation status based on a review of the program and its compliance with ACME criteria. The BOR is charged with evaluating nurse midwifery/midwifery education programs, rendering decisions and monitoring ongoing compliance. The BOR is committed to the consistent application and enforcement of ACME criteria. The BOR meets in February and July of each year to conduct full reviews of programs that are up for review in the respective year. ACME Board of Review

Site Visitor Panel

The Site Visitor Panel (SVP) is responsible for conducting site visits and reviewing the program’s preaccreditation report (PAR) or self-evaluation report (SER) against the ACME criteria. The SVP members amplify, clarify and verify the evidence that a program has submitted to ACME in its PAR or SER. ACME Site Visitor Panel

Interested in serving?
To learn more about serving on the BOC, AC, BOR and/or SVP, visit ACME Volunteers or send an email to [email protected].
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