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Resources on Evidence-based Practice

Databases, Search Engines, and Libraries

PubMed - National Library of Medicine
This is a database that contains citations to health- and medicine-related articles. The database can be searched using simple or advanced search techniques. Citation information and abstracts for the articles are provided in the search results.

Cochrane Collaboration
This database contains reviews on various health-related topics. Authors summarize and critique clinical research trials. This link will take you directly a search engine for the Cochrane database:  http://www.cochrane.org/reviews/index.htm

University of South Australia Library
This is the website of the library at University of South Australia. Although some of the databases are accessible only to students and faculty, there is a wealth of resources located at this site. There is an introduction on how to use electronic resources and search the web.  The site includes links to databases, ejournals and links to various organizations. Some of the links are to web pages with information, while others link to sites with references and articles. Some of the topics for the links include pregnancy, breastfeeding, midwifery, practitioners/researchers in midwifery, complementary therapies, domestic violence, family planning, grief and loss, neonatology, parenting and more.

Patient UK
This website is geared towards patients and consumers. It has links to leaflets on various topics, self help and support groups, directory of UK websites, books and diagrams of body parts and diseases.

Clinical Guidelines and Trials

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
This site contains links to evidence-based reports and the National Guideline Clearing House.
In addition, the site has links to research highlights in women's health, research findings on a variety of topics and information for patients and consumers.

National Institute for Clinical Excellence
The National Institute for Clinical Excellence was set up as a Special Health Authority for England and Wales. It is housed in the National Health Service (NHS), and its role is to provide patients, health professionals and the public with authoritative, robust and reliable guidance on current best practice. This site has guidelines on a variety of topics.

Current Controlled Trials
The site has a search engine, which can be used to search for controlled trials. Information, such as the title, description, primary researcher and contact information is provided. The website also lists of trials funded by various organizations.

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