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Research Centers and Organizations that Support Women's Health


Cancer Clinical Services Quality Assurance Project

The website is geared toward primary care clinicians and other health care providers involved in early detection and diagnosis of breast and cervical cancers. The website has diagnostic algorithms and consensus guidelines.


National Association for Continence
This site is the home page for the National Association for Continence. It is a source for public education and advocacy about the causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatments, and management alternatives for incontinence. This website includes a search engine for continence specialists, electronic chat rooms for individuals with continence, online store and information on incontinence. This site is geared toward individuals with problems associated with continence.


Managing Contraception
Information about contraception choices are available on this website. News items, and questions and answers are included on the site. Books and materials can be purchased from this organization.


DES Action
The mission of DES Action USA is to identify, educate, provide support to, and advocate for DES exposed people, and to educate health care professionals. The website provides information for DES mothers, daughters, sons and health care providers.

DES Update - CDC
Resources including facts, pharmacology, NCI guidelines and educational tools and support organizations for DES are presented on this site. There is a separate section for consumers.


CDC: Centers, Institute and Offices

Links and descriptions of CDC Centers, Institutes and Offices are provided on this website page.

Resource for trusted information on the possible reactions and risks associated with prescription drugs; some commonly prescribed to women.

World Health Organization
All countries who are members of the United Nations are eligible for membership and other countries not in the United Nation may apply for membership. The website has information on a variety of topics, provides research tools, information and statistics on WHO countries and links to other health related organizations.

Illinois Department of Public Health: Women's Health
Fact sheets on a variety of women's health issues are available in English and Spanish on this website. Information on breast, cervical and WISEWOMEN programs also are available. Education and funding
opportunities are described.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
The website for American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) provides patient education, news releases and information on women, technological and legislative issue. Part of the site is only accessible to members of ACOG.

This site provides information on various obstetric and gynecology issues and topics. It has sections for the medical professional, medical industry and women. Articles, expert views, meetings, conference highlights and links to organizations and PubMed can be found on this site.

Canadian Perinatal Health Report
Information on a variety of health topics is provided on this website. The website has information on a variety of topics in adult health, seniors health and child health. In addition, the website has links
to guidelines and publications.

Primary Care

Family Practice Notebook

This website provides information on an assortment of primary care topics. This notebook is intended to aid primary care providers in their pursuit of optimal care, well-informed patients, and healthy families. This site is derived from a "peripheral brain" collection of medical notes, and is divided over 4316 topics within 616 chapters and 31 subspecialty books.

Psychology and Mental Health

Birth Psychology

The Association for Pre- & Perinatal Psychology and Health presents information on birth and psychology. Many mental and emotional dimensions of pregnancy and birth are addressed in scholarly articles, personal stories and news stories.  Topics that are addressed include life before birth, birth sense, violence, and birth trauma. Links to books, videos and websites are provided.

Reproductive Health

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention:  Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
This CDC site contains evidence-based guidelines for STD treatment. It has guidelines that can be downloaded to Palm devices.


LaLeche League
The La Leche League International mission is to help mothers breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother. This website has a product catalog, breastfeeding information, information regarding workshops and contact information for local groups.

Gay and Lesbian Health

Gay and Lesbian Medical Association

The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association is a non-profit organization working to end homophobia in health care. GLMA provides a voice for health care professionals in the fight for equality. The website has information on hepatitis and clinical information, and news and public policy databases. Downloads on various issues and general information also is available.


This institute provides evidence-based resources for new and expectant parents and childbirth professionals. Information regarding normal birth can be found on this website. Six evidence-based practice papers promoting, protecting and supporting normal birth also are available on the website. This organization works in conjunction with Lamaze International to empower women and providers to pursue normal birth. Grants and organizational resources are available to birth networks to promote normal birth.

Citizens for Midwifery
Citizens for Midwifery is a national consumer-based group promoting the Midwives Model of Care. Citizens for Midwifery works to provide information and resources that promote not only the local midwife, but also midwives and midwifery care across the country. This non-profit, volunteer, grass root organization believes in promoting maternal care that is interested in maternity care that is safe, respectful, family centered, health promoting and cost effective.

Coalition for Improving Maternity Services
Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) is a collaborative effort of numerous individuals and more than 50 organizations representing over 90,000 members. Their mission is to promote a wellness model of maternity care that will improve birth outcomes and substantially reduce costs. This organization spent the first five years of existence creating and implementing the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative. The website includes information about the initiative, resources and news.

Childbirth Connection (formerly Maternity Center Association)
Childbirth Connection (formerly Maternity Center Association (MCA)) is a not-for-profit organization that has been dedicated to improving maternity care in the United States since 1918. The mission of the Maternity Center Association is to promote safe, effective, and satisfying maternity care for all women and their families through research, education, and advocacy. The website has information about the MCA's programs, news, events, grants and bookstore.

International Cesarean Awareness Network, Inc. (ICAN)
This is a nonprofit organization founded to improve maternal-child health by preventing unnecessary cesareans through education, providing support for cesarean recovery, and promoting Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. Information on VBACs, resources, and news are available on this site. Books and posters are available for purchase.

Home Birth Reference Site
An extensive list of articles on home birth are provided on the website. In addition, links to numerous maternal-related websites are provided.

Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIMS) supports parents and professionals in the UK and Ireland. This group provides an assortment of articles on a variety of topics and links to organizations supporting birth.

National Advocates for Pregnant Women

National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW) has a vision of a world where women enjoy full personhood and where neither pregnancy nor drug use serve as an excuse to dehumanize and punish select groups of people. NAPW's mission is to secure the human and civil rights, health, and welfare of pregnant and parenting women while protecting children from punitive and misguided state policies. They advocate on behalf of all women, especially those who are most marginalized: women of color, low-income women, and women who use drugs.

Newborns and Perinatal

March of Dimes
March of Dimes researchers, volunteers, educators, outreach workers and advocates work together to give all babies a fighting chance against the threats to their health: prematurity, birth defects, low birthweight. Fact sheets, perinatal data resources, resources for patients, continuing education and information on newborn screening, global programs and grants can be found on the website.

Reproduction Rights

Institute for Reproductive Health
The Institute for Reproductive Health is dedicated to helping women and men make informed choices about family planning and providing them with simple, effective, and natural options. The website provides information on natural family planning, standard day method, fertility awareness and resources.

International Planned Parenthood Federation
This is the website for the International Planned Parenthood Federation. The mission of this group is to work for sexual and reproductive health, rights and choices worldwide. The website provides healthcare guidelines, glossary, training information, directory of hormonal contraceptives, young person's guide, and links to articles and organizations that support reproductive rights. Descriptive and statistical reproductive information for numerous countries is available on the website.

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