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Re-Entering Practice

As midwives return to clinical practice after varying periods of time, midwifery clinical practices and midwifery education programs have been called upon to offer "refresher" programs to the returning midwife. In order to promote consistency among such programs, an ACNM Task Force was convened in 2009 to develop guidelines for re-entry to practice. Representatives from the Directors of Midwifery Education (DOME), the Midwifery Business Network (MBN), the ACNM Board of Directors (BOD) and ACNM staff developed "Re-entry Guidelines for CNMs/CMs" that were approved by the ACNM BOD at the December 2010 meeting. These guidelines were revised and approved by the ACNM BOD at the May 2016 meeting. There are several midwifery education programs that offer refresher programs.

For more information, please contact the Midwifery Practice and Education (MPE) department at [email protected].

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