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October 12, 2017                      
Ashley West
(240) 486-1856

The American College of Nurse-Midwives Reducing Primary Cesareans Project Welcomes Three New Hospitals

Silver Spring, MD - ACNM congratulates Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia,
Philadelphia, PA, Jacobi Medical Center, Bronx, NY, and Vanderbilt University
Medical Center, Nashville, TN on being
into the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) Reducing Primary Cesareans Project. These hospitals
as one of the 21 hospitals from across the United States working
with ACNM to improve healthy outcomes for mothers and families by focusing on
reducing the incidence of first cesarean section in low risk women who have
never given birth.
The Reducing Primary Cesareans (RPC) Project is part of the ACNM
Healthy Birth Initiative (HBI), a long-term effort with
representatives from leading maternity care organizations. HBI focuses on
preserving normalcy by promoting evidence-based practices that support healthy
birth based on a pregnant woman's own physiology. The HBI works to
encourage a consistent approach to birth practices and is focused on reducing
those that are not evidence-based.
Funded by the Transforming Birth Fund, the RPC Project
builds on the HBI by offering unique opportunities for maternity care
professionals and health systems to initiate action steps known as bundles.
When implemented, these bundles prompt hospital system change that is aimed at
reducing the incidence of primary cesarean births in the United States, which
have reached alarming rates without associated improvements in health outcomes
for mothers and babies.
The hospitals will work with the multi-disciplinary Reducing Primary Cesareans Quality
(QI) expert
panel and ACNM staff to identify areas of improvement and track
process and outcome measures to demonstrate improvement in readiness,
assessment, reliable and appropriate care, recognition and response, and
systems learning. Each hospital will
implement at least 1 of 3 bundles, based on a data-driven analysis of the major
cause of first cesarean in low risk women at our institution:
  • Improving Care and Comfort in Labor
  • Promoting Spontaneous Progress in Labor
  • Implementing use of Intermittent Auscultation as the Standard for Fetal Assessment
ACNM welcomes the new hospitals as champions working to improve the
health outcomes for mothers and families in the U.S.

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