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Vision, Mission and Core Values


Midwifery for every community.


To support midwives, advance the practice of midwifery, and achieve optimal, equitable health outcomes for the people and communities midwives serve through inclusion, advocacy, education, leadership development and research.

Core Values

Our values inform our strategic direction. These values state what is important to our members and guide the collective perspective of our organization:

Excellence: ACNM values excellence in midwifery education, clinical practice, and research. We are committed to upholding the highest clinical and ethical standards, professional responsibility, accountability, and integrity.

Evidence-Based Care: ACNM evaluates, publishes, and showcases scientific evidence to improve professional practice. We are committed to upholding the most rigorous clinical practice standards in the midwifery profession and applying this knowledge and clinical expertise to help women make the best health decisions. We strongly support the use of quality measurement to improve care.

Formal Education: ACNM promotes the certification of midwives based on completion of nationally recognized and accredited midwifery education programs in accordance with the International Confederation of Midwives’ global standards for education. We support the interprofessional education of midwives with other health professionals to improve maternity care and women’s health services.

Inclusiveness: Through a lens that promotes a culture of inclusion in which diverse identities are respected, sought after, and embraced, ACNM shall carry forward its objectives so that all constituents may rise to leadership roles and contribute to their fullest potential. This includes, but is not limited to: race, ethnicity, culture, class, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, physical and intellectual ability, learning style, nationality, citizenship, age, mental health, professional background, midwifery certification, and degree.

Woman-Centered Care and Respect for Physiologic Processes: Womankind is the core of our practice. ACNM and its members respect each woman's right to dominion over her own health and care. Within a relationship of respect, compassion, informed consent and shared decision-making, we approach life events – such as puberty, birth, and menopause – as physiologic transitions that are best supported by education and midwifery expertise. Consequently, we encourage the preservation of normal birth.

Primary Care: ACNM members provide primary and maternity care services to help women of all ages and their newborns attain, regain, and maintain health. We emphasize the advancement of hygiene and education, disease prevention, and informed decision-making.

Partnership: Our members build partnerships with women and their families by providing guidance and counseling in a shared decision-making process. To further integrate midwifery care into the healthcare system, we partner with other healthcare advocates through collaboration and referral in order to provide optimal care to as many women as possible.

Advocacy: ACNM represents women’s voices and opinions on healthcare. We campaign on behalf of women and families, our members, and the midwifery profession to eliminate health disparities, increasing access to evidence-based, quality care. This includes the promotion of standards for entry to practice and continuing competency; funding for education and reimbursement for services; and increasing the visibility and recognition of the value of midwifery care.

Global Outreach: ACNM promotes the profession of midwifery at a global level. We foster quality and innovation in midwifery education and support the strengthening of the profession worldwide through educating, regulating, and association-building as keys to improving maternal and newborn health.

ACNM Strategic Plan 2021-2024

From 2021-2024, ACNM will organize its work to focus on the following goal areas:
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Member Engagement & Support
  • Policy, Advocacy, & Affiliate Support
  • National Advancement of Midwifery
  • Global Engagement
  • Organizational Capacity & Operational Excellence

We encourage members to review our plan, available here.

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