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Obtaining a Governor's/Mayor's Proclamation

The procedure to obtain a proclamation from the Governor's or Mayor's office may vary slightly from state to state, but it is usually a fairly simple procedure. It is harder to obtain a public signing of this declaration. Certainly, we encourage that you request the Governor/Mayor to grant a public signing, but the most important thing is to get the proclamation. You can create your own media event to publicize the proclamation if the Governor/Mayor does not grant a public signing.

Call your Governor's/Mayor's office (listed in the blue pages of your phone book) and ask to speak with the staff person in charge of requesting a proclamation. Most Governor's/Mayor's offices will ask that you submit a proposed proclamation with your request. Be sure to get the address to mail this request and the time frame for submitting the request for a proclamation during the first week of October. In the cover letter, request the Governor/Mayor to proclaim the first week of October (Monday through Sunday) as Midwifery Week for your state/city. If you can arrange to have some midwives, physicians, consumers, and media present, you should also request that the Governor/Mayor grant a public signing for this proclamation.

Proclamation signings can be great photo opportunities that grab the local media's attention. Arrange for your mayor to perform a signing ceremony officially proclaiming National Midwifery Week in your community, and let the media know about it in advance. Call each local news station's and newspaper's assignment desk the day of the signing (as early as 4:00 a.m.), encouraging them to include the event in their "daybook."to take the steps needed to make informed decisions regarding their health.

If other midwives or organizations have been obtaining this proclamation previously, we encourage that you check with them before initiating this request. If they are already planning to work on a proclamation for this year, volunteer to work with them. Utilize this as an opportunity to network and build coalitions with colleagues. The more people who are working on this, the more activities and visibility midwives can generate this October!

Sample Mayoral/Gubernatorial Proclamation

Whereas this year, National Midwifery Week is celebrated during the week of [insert date]; and
Whereas the national organization, the American College of Nurse-Midwives, headquartered in Silver Spring, MD, is the official organization for the nearly 12,000 certified nurse-midwives and certified midwives throughout the United States and the official sponsors of National Midwifery Week on a national level; and
Whereas this national event is an opportunity for women nationwide to gather for education and celebration of the health care service provided by midwives; and
Whereas midwives have been a vital and growing part of the advancement of women's health in (City/State) since (Date), and are collectively responsible for (number) percent of all births in (State); and
Whereas National Midwifery Week acknowledges the important role midwives play in women's lives. Whether she is assisting a woman as she gives birth, or providing personalized, well-woman health care, midwives are truly with women; and

In witness hereof, I hereunto set my hand this (Date) day of (Month), (Year).


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