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What is the Midwives-PAC?

We are a political action committee formed by ACNM in 2000 for the purpose of soliciting voluntary contributions from ACNM members that can be distributed strategically as campaign contributions to federal legislators.

What is the mission of the Midwives-PAC?

The ACNM Midwives-PAC is your voice in Congress.  Our mission is to advance ACNM's federal policy agenda by facilitating the creation of relationships between legislators and midwives and by supporting legislators who have a proven record on issues that matter to ACNM.

Who does the Midwives-PAC support?

We support members of Congress from both sides of the aisle who have demonstrated a commitment to the initiatives of the ACNM or who hold positions on key committees. A list of potential recipients of PAC donations is developed each year by the Midwives-PAC board, in consultation with our Federal lobbyist and national office staff.  These contributions provide visibility for midwives and ensure that we have a proverbial (and sometimes literal) seat at the table with legislators working on health care issues. Having a legislator's ear for a few minutes can make the difference between being at the table or on the menu.

How does it work?

Members of Congress frequently hold fundraising events in their districts or in Washington, DC. These events are a locus of political networking and personal connections, carrying a steep entry fee of at least $1,000--more than most midwives would be willing or able to spend. This is where we come in! The Midwives-PAC pays the cost to attend, thus providing either our lobbyist or local midwives with the opportunity to make personal connections with their legislator and his or her staff. Midwives can educate them about the vital services they provide in the community, and urge them to support federal issues that matter to ACNM. Events like this often hold the key to gaining long-term support from members of Congress.

Which legislators have received Midwives-PAC donations in recent years?

Click here to read a list of our recent campaign contributions. Looking ahead, we will continue to support candidates with difficult re-election battles who are supportive of our issues and positioned to contribute to our legislative success.

What criteria will the Midwives-PAC Board use for making political contributions to candidates?

  • Whether the candidate holds a leadership or policy-shaping position in his or her party;
  • The candidate's position and/or voting record on issues involving quality health care and the role of CNMs/CMs;
  • The nature and strength of the candidate's opposition in the primary or general election; and
  • The integrity and character of the candidate;
  • Other sources of financial assistance available to the candidate.

Why should I donate to the Midwives-PAC? I already pay ACNM membership dues.

ACNM membership dues may not be used for political contributions. There are many reasons to donate:
  • The OB/GYN (ACOG) PAC donated $586,500 to federal legislators in 2014 cycle, or nearly nine times more than the Midwives-PAC. Granted, we are a smaller organization with smaller salaries, but at ACNM we've always believed that just because we're small doesn't mean we can't be mighty.
  • Our goals are within reach! In 2014 contributions, Midwives-PAC ranked 53rd of 123 health professions PACs, with total donations of $66,000. That's not bad, but with your continued support, and our new "work smarter" strategies we will rapidly climb the ladder. Midwives deserve to be in the top 50 in the next election cycle.
  • If more members contribute, we'll go much further. In 2012, 8.5% of ACNM members donated to the Midwives-PAC, with an average donation of $104. If we double that percentage, we can reach out to twice as many legislators.
  • Don't like the idea of PACs? Unfortunately, until our nation embraces campaign finance reform, this is the political system in which we live. We believe midwives must be politically savvy so our name is visible and our voice is heard.
  • While we're proud of our legislative successes, we're keenly aware of the work yet to be done. Dramatically improving maternity care in the US, gaining federal recognition for CMs, allowing midwives to be reimbursed for teaching residents, unfettered clinical privileges, and much more remain on our to-do list. Help us get these jobs done!

Why should we have to "buy time" to meet with our legislators?

Supporting a candidate's election effectively demonstrates our recognition that seeking public office is expensive. When we provide financial support, we are recognized as being involved in politics. Such support does not ensure a politician's vote, but it is an opportunity to present our issue in person.

Can an ACNM Affiliate make donations to the Midwives-PAC?


Can I earmark money to promote specific candidates or legislative initiatives?

No, but you can make recommendations to the Midwives-PAC Board of Directors.

Will the Midwives-PAC accept cash donations?

Yes, but we prefer not to, as it makes it very difficult for ACNM to maintain the financial integrity of its tracking system.

Can Midwives-PAC monies be used to support the Republican National Committee or the Democratic National Committee?


Can my business/practice donate money?

Donations from incorporated businesses or practices may be accepted by the Midwives-PAC administration account, which helps cover the administrative costs of the Midwives-PAC. These corporate donations benefit the Midwives-PAC greatly by allowing a greater proportion of personal contributions be used for campaign contributions rather than for administrative costs.

Can ACNM members who are not citizens make contributions?

Certain categories may contribute monies, such as foreign citizens who are lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States (such as those who have a 'green card').

Can ACNM members who are federal and military employees give to the Midwives-PAC?


What is my yearly limit on contributions to the Midwives-PAC?

$5,000 per calendar year.

What is the limit I can privately contribute to an individual candidate's election?


Do donations to my state nurses' PAC/conduit or other state PACs affect these limits?



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