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MOMS for the 21st Century (MOMS 21)

What is the "MOMS 21" Bill?

  • The Maximizing Optimal Maternity Services for the 21st Century (MOMS 21) Act will, among other things:
    • create a national media campaign to educate consumers on evidence-based maternity practices and models of care for best maternity outcomes,
    • collect data on maternity care shortage areas and establish loan repayment programs for providers in maternity care shortage areas,
    • establish reimbursement for midwives who supervise residents, medical students, and student midwives in academic health centers, and
    • authorize grant programs for professional organizations to recruit and retain minority maternity care professionals.

Is Your Legislator a Co-Sponsor?

  • Check to see if your legislator(s) are sponsoring this bill.  Go here, click on the button specifying "Bill number" above the search bar in the center of the screen, then search for "HR 2286"  Once you have the result, click on the link to "Cosponsors" to see the list.     

How Can You Take Action?

  • Call your legislators and ask them to co-sponsor HR 2286.  
  • After your call, send a follow-up email to the person you talked with.  
  • Write a letter to your Senators and Representative inviting them to visit with you in your practice so they can learn more about the value of midwifery care.  Here are sample letters you might use:  
  • Encourage your physician colleagues to write to their legislator(s) in support of the MOMS 21 bill.  

For more information, contact ACNM Federal Representative Patrick Cooney at 202-347-0034, [email protected].

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