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Board members serve three-year terms, which start and end at the conclusion of each Annual Meeting. To inquire about open positions on the PAC Board or for additional questions about joining, email [email protected].

Qualifications needed to join the Midwives-PAC:

  • Member of ACNM
  • Current donor to the Midwives-PAC
  • Knowledge and interest in the political and policy activities of ACNM
  • Skills in organizational management
  • Able to attend and serve as needed during the Annual Meeting at least two annual meetings of a three-year term
  • Able to participate in at least half of the monthly to quarterly conference calls
  • New Board Orientation (video presentation)

Job Description for Midwives-PAC BOD Members:

  • Assist with the promotion, solicitation, facilitation, and receipt of voluntary contributions from ACNM members, as well as assist with the distribution of funds for political expenditures to the campaign, political, and leadership committees of candidates for political offices
  • Set target fundraising goals of the Midwives-PAC and identify strategies to meet these goals
  • Become familiar with the rules and regulations governing political action committees, primarily through an orientation/review at the Annual Meeting
  • Educate CNM/CMs, midwifery students, and other supporters of the profession of midwifery about the political process related to campaign contributions and encourage their participation and contributions to the Midwives-PAC through outreach and advocacy efforts
  • Take responsibility for recruitment and retention of prior donors, especially those at donor-club participation level
  • Identify prospective donor-club-level participants among ACNM members
  • Serve as resources for local affiliates for state legislative advocacy, and assist with the development and management of state PACs as needed
  • Serve and attend meetings and events as needed during the Annual Meeting. Each committee member will staff the Midwives-PAC/GAC booth for the purposes of fundraising and ACNM member education on the Midwives-PAC.
  • Mentor potential future committee members in fundraising and PAC acumen and management
  • Contribute to the Midwives-PAC on an annual basis

Calling all students! If you are a CM or CNM student and you are interested in joining the Midwives-PAC (in conjunction with the ACNM Government Affairs Committee (GAC)), we need you! Contact the Midwives-PAC ([email protected]) or the GAC ([email protected]) to find out more about being a student representative or student liaison to the committee. Students serve a minimum of a one year term, or until the Annual Meeting following their graduation.

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