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Human resources are at the heart of any health care system and continuing education is critical to maintaining a competent workforce. ACNM has experience creating both learning resource packages and full scale training systems for health care cadres ranging from community health workers to physicians, encompassing a full range of maternal and infant health topics.  In-service training has been the centerpiece of ACNM's international work since its inception nearly 30 years ago. Through experience, ACNM has carefully studied the elements necessary to sustain a successful training system: concise curriculum tailored to priority needs, a course design built around critical thinking and competency-based objectives which employs adult learning principles, well-trained facilitators, clinical practice sites that have been prepared to model best practices, and a robust post-training mentoring system.  In 1989 ACNM began codifying these components in its landmark Life Saving Skills program, a ten-module training package focusing on specific interventions aimed at preventing or minimizing the mortality and morbidity associated with the major causes of maternal and neonatal death.  While LSS is a complete package option for training health care cadres responsible for obstetric and neonatal care, ACNM's DGO specializes in tailoring the LSS program to specific country or regional needs.  Through DGO's technical experts, country-specific LSS programs include a thorough needs assessment prior to implementation and design and supervision of the support infrastructure needed to maintain and scale up the LSS training program.  For additional information on DGO's approach to in-service training please click here.

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