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1. Learn about the current issues in global maternal child health. Click here.

2. Investigate organizations working on international health issues domestically and internationally. Click here.

3. Think about what kind of work you want to do and the time frame you have to do it. Most CNMs and CMs start as volunteers. Some start in clinical work but few remain in clinical positions because there is often more need supporting the systems that support the local health care providers who work clinically.

4. Evaluate your own skill set and seek training where you need it. Some skills could be budget development, monitoring and evaluation, training in pre-service and in-service, report writing, giving presentations, research, school or facility assessment, curriculum review, foreign languages, or management of infectious diseases. Click here.

5. Seek opportunities to acquire experience through volunteering, attending global health conferences, working as a consultant, and/or talking with midwives and other professionals who work in global health.

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