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Funding American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) Membership
ACNM is the leading professional organization for CNM/CMs, provides opportunities that elevate
midwifery excellence and innovation, and helps individuals achieve career goal objectives. ACNM Membership delivers a total package.

For an employer to Fund your ACNM Membership, they'll want to understand the costs, benefits, and demonstrated returns on investment. Return is not limited to individual gain. The whole organization benefits from this investment.

GOAL: That your company/institution provides sponsorship of your ACNM Membership

ACNM Membership provides a number of employee/employer benefits:

  • Increases expertise and domain knowledge of CNM/CM
  • Establishes in-house resources for CNM/CM best practices and processes
  • Improves employees' educational, development, and leadership goals

ACNM Membership also provides:

  • Discount to ACNM Annual Meeting
  • Discounted CEU/CME to maintain certification
  • Direct access to midwifery professionals

Bottom Line = New and continuing education raises your productivity

Known direct benefits of employer-funded education/development:

  • Increased loyalty
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Increased productivity
  • Ability to take on new projects
  • Opportunity to show leadership skills

The ACNM Membership and Marketing Committee has developed a letter for you to personalize and give to your employer to help make the argument for them to pay for your ACNM membership. You could also use the letter and information on this page as a reference for your conversation with your employer.

Get sample letter [WORD] [PDF].

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