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Develop a Tabletop Exhibit

A tabletop exhibit is easy to make and if you have your own (for an affiliate or practice) then you'll never be without a promotional tool again. Read on for more information on why a "personalized" tabletop is a great idea, and how you can make it happen in time for your next event or for National Midwifery Week.

Benefits of Making a Display

While it requires some initial work and money to get going, a personalized practice or affiliate exhibit is perfect for local promotion of midwifery and the many services midwives provide. An exhibit made just for you ensures your ability to target YOUR audience (photos that accurately represent your clients) and promote YOUR services (text that articulates why you are a quality healthcare option in your specific area). If there is a particular legislative issue that needs consumer support, you can make it a part of your exhibit. In short, a custom exhibit allows you to address the reality that healthcare climates vary from state to state and city to city, making the needs of every practice or affiliate unique.

Getting Started

Getting started usually means finding the money to purchase what you need for a custom exhibit. Your local affiliate or practice might have money set aside for marketing, and this is a marketing tool that will surely pay for itself over and over again. Put in a request to your affiliate or practice, but make sure to show where you will use your exhibit over the course of a year and the number of potential clients you hope to reach. Quantifying the usage and results of this exhibit will help others see the many benefits and opportunities that exhibiting will bring.

Buying Your Backdrop

Tabletop display backdrops come in a variety of styles, sizes, and levels of durability.

You can fully customize your backdrop and order sturdy re-usable tabletops (in all price ranges) at various retailers like: www.tradeshowsupermarket.comwww.displays2go.com, and www.staples.com.

A great option for an inexpensive display is a foam or corrugated cardboard backdrop that you can mount photos and text on easily. These are available at any office supply store; in fact, you might have even bought one in the past for your child's science project presentation! Try www.staples.com for a 2-ply corrugated presentation board; the size is 36" x 48." for less than $20.

Decorating Your Display

Gathering pictures and information for your exhibit is usually the most difficult part of this process. You may already have marketing materials for your practice that you can use to draw out important information. Use your own Web site, brochures, flyers, and ads to find easy-to-read and catchy text. Charts and graphics will help draw attention to your exhibit. Remember to keep it short, simple, and to the point. Feel free to reference ACNM's consumer education Web site, www.discovermidwives.com, or email [email protected] for help with text or other ideas.

If you have pictures of your midwives at work that were taken at a high enough, resolution you might be able to blow them up to a "viewer-friendly" size. Otherwise, try some stock photos via www.istockphoto.com or other stock photo sites. Be careful of copyright issues and credit photographers when necessary.

Making Your Exhibits Last

Exhibits will suffer from wear and tear over time; however, there are a few ways to help your tabletop last longer:
  • Buy a carrying case to protect your exhibit.
  • Print photos and text on styrene (plastic) or another durable material. (Ask your local printer for suggestions and prices.)
  • Take photos and text off and lay them flat to store rather than leaving them on your board.

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