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Part 1 - Overview of Global Health History and Industry
This is the first of three webinars and will introduce you to the history, disciplines, and varied sectors of global health. Learning how the global heath discipline has evolved and how it functions now is critical to engaging in sustainable, evidence-based work that aligns with the midwifery philosophy of care.

Part 2 - Developing your Global Health Toolbox and Knowledge Base

FACT: Midwifery is a critical expertise that is needed all over the world.

  • This second webinar in the "Building a Global Health Career in Midwifery series" will explore how a midwife can develop the practical and interpersonal skills needed to work in a global setting, while enhancing their global maternal health knowledge base.
  • This conversation seeks to promote the engagement of midwives in global health work that is sustainable, evidence-based and aligns with the midwifery philosophy of care.
  • For midwives and students currently based in the U.S. - this webinar will review how you can cultivate applicable skills while practicing midwifery in the U.S.

Part 3 - COMING SOON ...

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