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Board of Governors (BOG):

Chair: Deb Walker (through 2022)
Vice Chair: Heather Bradford (through 2024)
Secretary: Susan Yount (through 2022)
Treasurer: Suzan Ulrich (through 2024)
Region I: Sascha Conterelli (through 2022)
Region II: Mairi Breen Rothman (through 2023)
Region III: Michael McCann (through 2022)
Region IV: Rebecca Fay (through 2023)
Region V: Melissa Saftner (through 2024)
Region VI: Kristen Ostrem-Niemcewicz (through 2023)

Region VII: Barbara Anderson (through 2024)
Member at Large: Cecelia Jevitt (through 2022)
Member at Large: Heather Findletar Hines (through 2024)

Nominating Committee:

Catharine Salam (through 2023)
Leslie Cragin (through 2022)
Carol Bues (through 2024)

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