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Research Priorities by Strategic Focus

Domain 3: National Advancement of Midwifery

3.1: Full practice authority in all states territories and federal programs

Midwives as primary care providers and integral to the Affordable Care Act

The outcomes of care when midwives have full practice autonomy

3.2 Education

Midwifery education

Interprofessional education

3.3 Strategic Communications

Women's decision-making processes on choice of providers during pregnancy and birth

Women's decision-making processes about healthcare procedures and interventions

3.4 Diversification and Inclusion

Identify barriers to and opportunities for the development of a diverse midwifery workforce

Innovate ways to prepare more midwife providers especially from diverse and underrepresented groups

3.5 Quality and Safety

Grow the evidence base on the midwifery model of care and translate it into specific practices

Research linkages between midwifery care practices and specific maternal and neonatal outcomes e.g. out of hospital birth

Women's health inequities and disparities.

3.6 Accurate Data

A systematic approach to collecting clinical practice data across the membership

Domain 4: Global Health

International maternal-child health issues such as safe motherhood

The work of midwives globally

Domain 5: Organizational Capacity

ACNM needs to take lead in research on women's health and maternity care

Opportunities to collaborate on research with other professional organizations

Study & disseminate successful interprofessional collaborations, including research on productive teams, to enhance financial efficiency

Explore and develop policy research relevant to the goals of ACNM

Note: Red type indicates top three priorities as identified by ACNM elected and volunteer leadership.

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