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American College of Nurse-Midwives Honors Leaders of Midwifery Community

Silver Spring, MD - Midwives and other health care clinicians were honored with awards in various categories on June 30, 2015 at the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) 60th Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Award winners are chosen by ACNM and by the A.C.N.M. Foundation.

The 2015 award winners are:

Hattie Hemschemeyer Award

The Hattie Hemschemeyer Award, named in honor of ACNM's first president and a pioneer of the profession, is ACNM's most prestigious award and is given annually to an ACNM member who has been certified for at least 10 years and has made continuous outstanding and/or historically significant contributions to midwifery, ACNM, and/or maternal child health.

Mary Ellen Stanton, CNM, MSN, FACNM

Kitty Ernst Award

The Kitty Ernst Award, affectionately known as the "Young Whippersnapper Award," is named after the College's fourth and youngest president, and one of its most dynamic living legends. The Kitty Ernst Award was established in 1998 to honor an ACNM member who has been certified for less than 10 years and has demonstrated innovative, creative endeavors in clinical practice, education, administration, or research relating to midwifery and women's health.

Ebony Roebuck, CNM, MS

Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes a CNM/CM or other professional for an unusual and exemplary effort in the field of community service, innovation in midwifery practice, education, or research.

Nivia Nieves Fisch, CNM, RN
Juliana Fehr, CNM, PhD, FACNM
Elaine Diegmann, CNM, ND, FACNM
Patricia Loftman, CNM, LM, MS
Marion McCartney, CNM, FACNM
Patricia Burkhardt, CM, LM, DrPH, FACNM

Outstanding Preceptor Award

Connie Canady, CNM
Suzanne Carrington, CNM, DNP
Karen Crouse, CNM
Candace Curlee, CNM, MS, FACNM
Laura Denman, CNM
Major Mariann Fark, CNM
Heather Findletar Hines, CNM, DNP
Charlotte Frires, CNM
Trina Haywood, CNM
Margaret Hutchison, CNM
Maura Larkin, CNM
Ann Ledbetter, CNM
Amy Loftus, WHNP
Michael McCann, CNM
Mary McGuinness, CNM
Molly Means, CNM, CRNP
Gloria Murray, CNM
Diane Nezar, CNM
Dana Parry, CNM
Jennifer Ramsey, CNM
Tanya Tringali, CNM
Marcia Schlotman, CNM
Susan Waid, CNM
Karen Zelman, CNM, MS

Fellow Award

Kathleen J. Bailey, CNM, MA, MS
Eileen Ehudin Beard, CNM, FNP, MS
Phyllis Ann Clark, CNM, MPH
Heather M. Clarke, CNM, DNP
Anne M. Corrinet, CNM, MS
Kim J. Cox, CNM, PhD
Nivia Nieves Fisch, CNM, RN
Diana R. Jolles, CNM, MSN
MaryJane Lewitt, CNM, PhD
Michael M. McCann, CNM, MS
Ruth Mielke, CNM, MS, PhD
Kathleen A. Moriarty, CNM, CAFCI, PhD
Michelle Munroe, CNM, DNP
Leissa Roberts, CNM, DNP
Nicole Anne Rouhana, CNM, FNP-BC, PhD
Mairi Breen Rothman, CNM, MSN
Kim P. Shaughnessy, CNM, MS, BSN, Commander, Nurse Corps, United States Navy
Tanya Tanner, CNM, RN, MBA, PhD
Nell Tharpe, CNM, CRNFA, MS
Melissa Ann Willmarth-Stec, CNM, RN, APRN, DNP
Laura Zeidenstein, CNM, DNP

Public Policy Award

Sandra Elliott, CNM, MSN

Media Award

The Mama Sherpas

Organizational Partner

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Best Book of the Year Award

Prenatal and Postnatal Care: A Woman-Centered Approach
Robin G. Jordan, CNM, PhD, FACNM
Janet L. Engstrom, CNM, PhD, APN, WHNP-BC
Julie A. Marfell, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, FAANP
Cindy L. Farley, CNM, PhD, FACNM

Exemplary Affiliate Award

Colorado State Affiliate of ACNM
Illinois State Affiliate of ACNM
Massachusetts State Affiliate of ACNM
Minnesota State Affiliate of ACNM
Oregon State Affiliate of ACNM
South Carolina State Affiliate of ACNM
West Virginia State Affiliate of ACNM

ACNM Video Contest Winner(s)*

Moment of Truth by Carly Koelsch, SNM
Honorable Mention: Faces of Midwifery by University of California San Francisco midwifery students
*These videos can be viewed on ACNM's YouTube channel

2015 A.C.N.M Foundation, Inc. Awards and Scholarships

Dorothea M. Lang Pioneer Award

This award honors midwifery's "unsung heroes" who have demonstrated pioneering vision and innovative leadership. Award winners are exceptional CNMs or CMs who are members of ACNM, have been certified for at least 10 years,and have not previously received the Hattie Hemschemeyer Award. The Lang Award is aptly named for Dorothea M. Lang, CNM, MPH, FACNM - past-president of ACNM and the A.C.N.M. Foundation, whose visionary leadership has advanced the profession of midwifery in countless ways.

All ACNM Pioneer Midwives - 1955-1985

Therese Dondero Memorial Lecture

John Jennings, MD

Louis M. Hellman Midwifery Partnership Award

Ronald Burkman, Jr. MD

Jeanne Raisler International Midwifery Award

Jane Houston, CNM, DNP

A.C.N.M. Foundation Graduate Education Fellowship

Alexis B. Dunn, CNM, MSN, PhD(c), (Emory University)

W. Newton Long Award

Sherilyn D. Gibbs, CNM, MS
Susan Salazar, CNM, PhD

Basic Midwifery Scholarships


GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health Care Scholarship

Emily Hazan, SNM, ARNP, DNP (University of Washington)

Midwives of Color-Watson Scholarship

Sarah Sears, SNM (East Carolina University)
Ali Sevilla de Cocco, SNM (Vanderbilt University)
Maria Ascencion Ramos Bracamontes, SNM (University of California San Francisco)
Mary Leung, SNM (University of Chicago)

The Edith B. Wonnell CNM Scholarship

Aimee Tom, SNM (University of California, San Francisco)

A.C.N.M. Foundation Memorial Scholarship

Mollie Gilbert Brody, SNM (University of Michigan)
Katherine Teela, SNM (Seattle University)
Anayah R. Sangodele-Ayoke, SNM (Yale University)

Varney Participant Award

Yuliya Labko, SNM (Johns Hopkins / Shenandoah University)
Katherine Teela, RN, SNM (Seattle University)

Sandy Woods Scholarship for Advanced Study

Maria Valentin-Welch, CNM, MPH, DNP, FACNM (Frontier Nursing University)

Excellence in Teaching Awards

Molly Altman, CNM, PhD, MSPH (University of Washington)
Cara Busenhart, CNM, DNP (University of Kansas)
Beverly Carlson, PhD, RN, CNS, CCRN (San Diego University)
Susan DeJoy, CNM, MSN, PhD, FACNM (Bay State Medical Center)
Angela Deneris, CNM, PhD, FACNM (University of Utah)
Lisa Hanson, CNM, PhD, FACNM (Marquette University)
Jennifer Hensley, CNM, EdD, WHNP, LCCE (University of Colorado)
Cheri Van Hoover, CNM, MS (Philadelphia University)
Jane Houston, CNM, DNP (University of Florida)
Julia Lange Kessler, CM, DNP, FACNM (Georgetown University)
Monica McLemore, PhD, MPH, RN (University of California)
Pam Reis, CNM, PhD, NNP-BC (East Carolina University)
Heather Reynolds, CNM, MSN, FACNM (Yale University)
Julienne Rutherford, PhD (University of Illinois)
Tanya Tanner, CNM, PhD, MBA, FACNM (Frontier Nursing University)
Kimberly Trout, CNM, PhD, APRN (University of Pennsylvania)
Catherine Virostko, CNM, MSN (Vanderbilt University)
Kelly Walker, CNM, DNP, (Stony Brook University)
Judie Wika, CNM, MSN (Shenandoah University)
Kate Woeber, CNM, MSN, MPH (Emory University)

Clinical Stars

Washington State:
Judith Lazarus, CNM (2014)
Cynthia Rogers, CNM (2014)
Victoria Fletcher, CNM, FACNM (2015)
Sylvia Wood, CNM (2015)

Ellen Margles, CNM, MSN (2014)
Paulette Schalck, CNM (2014)
Gretchen Mettler, CNM, PhD (2015)

Midwifery Legacies Project 20th Century Student Interview Awards

1st Place: Enabah Laracuente, CNM (Yale University)
2nd Place: Adela Griswold, SNM (Vanderbilt University)
3rd Place: Kimberly Fleming, SNM (East Carolina University), Melissa Fleming, SNM (George Washington University)
Honorable Mention:
Mollie Gilbert Brody, SNM (University of Michigan)
Crystal Stewart, SNM (Frontier Nursing University)
Brennan Taylor, SNM (Vanderbilt University)

A.C.N.M. Foundation Staff Appreciation Award

Carol "Cari" Ross, Executive Assistant

Foundation Leadership Development Awards:

Thacher Fellowships (late 2014) **

Celina del Carmen Cunanan, CNM, MSN
Sarah Dumas, CNM, MSN
Noelene K. Jeffers, CNM, MSN
Sarah Stone, CNM, MSN

Thacher Community Grants (late 2014)*

Amanda Huber, CNM
Amy Willen, CNM

* Supported by the Frances T. Thacher Midwifery Leadership Endowment
** Supported by the Frances T. Thacher Midwifery Leadership Endowment with matching funds from the Midwifery Business Network (MBN).


To learn more about ACNM and the award winners, or to receive a photo for press purposes, please contact Damaris Hay, ACNM Media Relations Specialist at (240) 485-1856 or via e-mail at [email protected].

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