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2012 Award Winners


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Hattie Hemschemeyer Award
Mary Brucker, CNM, PhD, FACNM, from Arlington, Texas

Kitty Ernst Award
Amy Romano, CNM, MSN, from Milford, CT

Louis E. Hellman Midwifery Partnership Award
W. Darrell Martin, MD, FACOG

Public Policy Award
Milree Keeling, CNM, MS (Lunenburg, MA)
Linda Siegle, JD (Albuquerque, NM)

Distinguished Service Award
Lonnie Morris, CNM, ND (Tenafly, NJ)
Nancy Moss, CNM, PhD (Alexandria, KY)

Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health Awards
The following two awards are sponsored by Wiley-Blackwell

Mary Ann Shah New Author Award
Annette Manant, CNM, MN, APRN, of Kaneohe, HI
For the article entitled: "CenteringPregnancy: An Integrative Literature Review" published in Volume 56, Number 2 (March/April 2011) of the Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health and co-authored by Joan E. Dodgson, RN, PhD, MPH.

Best Research Article of the Year Award
Cheryl Tatano Beck, CNM, DNSc; Eugene R. Declercq, PhD, MBA; Carol Sakala, PhD, MSPH; and Robert K. Gable, EdD for the article entitled: "Postpartum Depressive Symptomatology: Results from a Two-Stage US National Survey" published in Volume 56, Number 5 (September/October 2011) of the Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health

Best Review Article of the Year Award
Megan K. Kloetzel, MD, MPH; Peter Milgrom, DDS; and Colleen E. Huebner, PhD, MPH for the article entitled: "Referrals for Dental Care During Pregnancy," published in Volume 56, Number 2 (March/April 2011) of the Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health..

2012 ACNM Fellows
Mary Kaye Collins, CNM, JD (Stuart, FL)
Candace Curlee, CNM, MS (Encinitas, CA)
Elisabeth D. Howard, CNM, PhD (Providence, RI)
Robin G. Jordan, CNM, PhD (Petoskey, MI)
Karol A. Krakauer, CNM, RN, MSN (Fort Collins, CO)
Kathryn Osborne, CNM, RN, PhD (Madison, WI)
Barbara J. Reale, CNM, MSN (Hopewell, NJ)

2012 ACNM Outstanding Preceptors
Chris Bottoms, CNM, MSN (Sweetwater, TN)
Kelly Bruhn, CNM (Waukesha, WI)
Jamie George, CNM (Shoreline, WA)
Rita Ledbetter, CNM, MS (Coal Valley, IL)
Anthonia Obichere, CNM (Silver Spring, MD)
Maria Pederson, CNM (Saint Paul, MN)
Sherrie St. Clair, CNM (San Diego, CA)
University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey OB/GYN Nurse-Midwifery Practice (Diane Reynolds, CNM, MSN; Sarah Appleby-Wineberg, CNM, MSN; Robyn Carlisle, CNM, MSN; Katie Riley, CNM, MSN) (Stratford, NJ)
Lisa Wimsatt, CNM (Owensboro, KY)

Media Award:
Business of Being Born: Classroom Edition

Organizational Partner Award:
American Association of Birth Centers

Book of the Year Award:
Women's Gynecologic Health, Second Edition
Kerri Durnell Schuiling, CNM, PhD, NP-BC and Frances E. Likis, CNM, NP, DrPH, FACNM

ACNM Video Contest Winner:
University of Pennsylvania Midwifery Class of 2012

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