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Encore: Care of the Person Wanting to Conceive

with Elizabeth Smith-Tyko, CNM, MSN

Encore Webinar | Tuesday, March 15, 2022 | 7:00 - 8:00 PM EST | 1 CE
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Multiple studies show that patients of all types possess minimal awareness regarding natural fertility rates, age-effects on reproduction, & fertility risk factors. Frequently, people overestimate the chances of spontaneous conception and the effectiveness of assisted reproductive technologies. At the same time, other studies demonstrate the failure of providers to address issues of fertility in routine health encounters, and when addressed, studies find their advice to be outdated, non-specific, & untimely. People of color and LGBTQIA clients experience greater inequity and inaccuracy in their family expansion efforts. In this presentation, we will discuss fertility counseling and evaluation from a reproductive justice framework and why it should be a component of routine, midwifery-led, health promotion. We will review the basic anatomy & physiology of conception, discuss the influence of racism & gender bias on fertility. We will explore the 4 pillars of a thorough, evidenced-based fertility evaluation, discuss lifestyle factors that influence conception, dispel myths regarding getting pregnant, and review evidence-based behaviors that improve fertility. Finally, we will present evidence-based guidelines for incorporating intrauterine inseminations into midwifery practice.


Elizabeth Smith-Tyko, CNM, Director and Owner

Elizabeth Smith-Tyko, CNM, MSN, is the Director/Owner of the Santa Rosa Birth Center. Elizabeth received her Master’s Degree from Vanderbilt University in 1998, and relocated to Northern California to begin her midwifery career. She practiced full-scope midwifery in Santa Rosa and Marin County for seven years, delivering over 700 babies during that time. Most recently, Elizabeth focused her clinical attention to caring for women with infertility, working in the only comprehensive, fertility practice in Sonoma County. After seven years in this capacity, Elizabeth found that she could no longer resist the call of midwifery, and joined the excellent team of midwives at the Women’s Health and Birth Center in 2012. In October, 2013, Elizabeth assumed the role of Director and Owner and endeavored to revitalize and build upon the 20-year legacy of the birth center. Thus, Santa Rosa Birth Center was born.

Elizabeth enjoys caring for women throughout their lifespan & is looking forward to expanding the services of The Santa Rosa Birth Center. She is committed to serving a diverse population of women and expanding midwifery care to families both in the birth center and in the hospital. In addition to traditional midwifery care, Elizabeth has a special interest in fertility treatment and the care of women with recurrent pregnancy loss. Through all of her care, Elizabeth is dedicated to empowering women through compassion and education.

Elizabeth is married to Len Tyko, also a Santa Rosa healthcare provider, with whom she has four children. She spends most of her free-time mothering these independent spirits, but occasionally finds time to indulge her creativity with her crafting, knitting and crocheting. Elizabeth loves to eat, but hates to cook, and thinks dessert is the best part of a meal. Elizabeth is passionate about her calling as both a mother and a midwife and is excited to lead the birth center into the next stage.

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