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Posted 11/6/2019

Vacancy: Chair of the Division for the Advancement of Midwifery

ACNM announces an opening for the Chair position of the Division for the Advancement of Midwifery. This Division is the largest within our Volunteer Structure, with two sub-divisions – Practice Advancement and Education Advancement.

The Practice Advancement Subdivision is comprised of 5 committees:

  • The Home Birth and Birth Center
  • The Healthy Birth Initiative
  • Business Committee
  • Professional Liability
  • Quality and Safety

The Education Advancement Subdivision is comprised of 4 committees:

  • Committee for Advancement of Midwifery Education
  • Core Competency Subcommittee
  • Clinical and Academic Educators>/li>
  • Continuing Education
  • Program

Responsibilities of the Division Chair include, but are not limited to:
  • Able to carry out the responsibilities of the Division, including oversight of committee activities and productivity
  • Chairs meetings of the Division
  • Serves as a member of the Volunteer Leadership Council (Council of all division chairs)
  • Establishes and maintains Standard Rules of Procedures (SROPs) for the Division.
  • Reports quarterly to the ACNM Board of Directors and serves as a conduit to the Board of Directors for issues related to the work of the Division and its committees and subcommittees
  • Completes and assists Committees and Subcommittees with completing charges assigned by the Board of Directors
  • Insures the Division website remains updated
  • Responds to ACNM members’ or related constituents’ inquiries within 5 working days, except when access to email/phone is limited. (E.g. vacation, health issues, global work etc) A message indicating when a response may be expected should be available on email or voice mail.
  • Provides input for the Annual Report as requested
  • Represents ACNM, at the request of the President, to agencies and organizations external to ACNM related to the work of the divisions
  • Provides for succession planning for the Division and Committee and Subcommittee Chairs and recommends appointments to the President.
  • Signs a policy acknowledgement form that includes agreeing to policies on conflict of interest, confidentiality, Intellectual property, authorization spokesperson and leadership guidelines of ethical content.

Applicants interested in this position should have demonstrated leadership skills, both relational and organizational, as well as a vision for synergy and achievement of common goals among the committees of the Division. As a member of the Volunteer Leadership Council, the Division Chair strives to integrate the work of ACNM across all Divisions, working with other Division Chairs to increase engagement and efficiency within the Volunteer Structure.

If this position is appealing and matches your skill set, we would welcome your application. Click here to apply or submit to [email protected] a CV/resume and a brief 300 statement of interest, including your thoughts regarding how you would like to integrate the practice and education interests and activities of the ACNM. The deadline for submission is November 22.


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