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How has the Midwives-PAC made a difference?Donate online | Donate by mail

The Midwives-PAC supports members of Congress from both sides of the aisle who have demonstrated an understanding, interest, and commitment to the views, goals, and initiatives of the ACNM. These contributions provide visibility for midwives and ensure that we have a proverbial (and sometimes literal) seat at the table with legislators working on health care issues.

Here are a few examples of recent legislative successes that have been impacted by your donations to the Midwives-PAC:

- Introduction of legislation to allow CNMs to certify the medical necessity of inpatient admissions for Medicare patients - 2014

- Introduction of legislation to allow CNMs to receive higher Medicaid payments for primary care services - 2014

- Introduction of legislation to identify areas of the country experiencing a shortage of maternity care providers - 2013 

- Elimination of Inequity in Medicare Reimbursement for Midwives in 2010

- Expanded Federal Funding Eligibility for Midwifery Programs in 2010

- Elimination of Cost-Sharing for Women's Preventive Health Services in 2010

- Eligibility for Federal Resources to Obtain Electronic Health Records in 2009

- Major Increases for Loan Repayment Funding for Midwives and Others in the National Health Service Corp in 2009

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