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Government Affairs Committee and Midwives-PAC Seek Student Representatives

The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) and Midwives-Political Action Committee (Midwives-PAC) seek three Student Representatives for a minimum one-year term starting at the 2014 ACNM Annual Meeting. Applicants do not need prior legislative or policy experience.  Attendance at the 2014 Annual Meeting is strongly preferred.  This position is a great way to learn about the legislative process, work collaboratively with other midwives and student midwives to advance midwifery, and have fun along the way.  Please send an email of interest and resume to [email protected] by Friday, May 2, 2014.  ACNM membership is required.

Role of ACNM Midwives-PAC/GAC Student Representative

  • Four midwifery students elected nationally to sit on the ACNM Midwives-PAC Board of Directors and the GAC, who will function as conduits between these two committees and the student legislative liaisons.  These four students will ideally be from different ACNM regions.
  • Report to Midwives-PAC and GAC chairs.
  • Each student will have equal voting privileges with Midwives-PAC and GAC.
  • Term: one year (renewable if still in a midwifery program)

Job Description

  • Participate in GAC and Midwives-PAC conference calls (each held monthly).
  • Help organize and participate in periodic GAC/PAC student conference calls.
  • Educate student legislative liaisons from each midwifery program about the GAC, PAC, and ACNM legislative agenda, primarily via quarterly student legislative contact conference calls and email communications.
  • Encourage student legislative contacts (and their classmates) to participate in current political action as needed via the listserve and personal or phone contact with student legislative contacts.
  • Educate local ACNM affiliate about current legislative action needed.
  • Participate in social media such as ACNM Students on Facebook.
  • Attend Midwives-PAC and GAC meetings at the ACNM Annual Meeting.
  • Recruit new GAC/PAC Student Representatives at end of term.




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