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GAC and Midwives-PAC 2015 - 2016 School Legislative Contact List
If you are a CM or CNM student interested in the Government Affairs Committee and/or the Midwives-PAC, we need you!  Please check the list below to see if there is an opening for a School Legislative Contact (SLC) from your school.  If you are interested, please contact the Government Affairs Committee ([email protected]) or the Midwives-PAC ([email protected]), and include "School Legislative Contact" in the subject line.  View the job description.  

Baylor University - VACANT

Baystate Medical Center - Kristin Dovan

California State University, Fullerton - VACANT

Case Western Reserve University - Andi Fair

Columbia University - VACANT

East Carolina University - Sherry Jones, Benjamin Kitchin, Sarah Sears

Emory University - Meridith Mikulich, Daniel Stec

Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing - Nia Graziano, Jessica Ery

Georgetown University - Katie McDevitt

Marquette University - VACANT

New York University - Nuranisa Rae

Ohio State University - Jaclyn Fraley

Oregon Health Sciences - Lori Swan, Liz Krainchich, Carly Bendzans

Philadelphia University - VACANT

Rutgers Biomedical Health and Sciences - VACANT

San Diego State University - VACANT

Seattle University - Olivia Arakawa

Shenandoah University - Kizzie Ricks, Melissa Fleming

State University of New York Downstate Medical Center - VACANT

Stony Brook University - Kim Kelstone

Texas Tech University - VACANT

University of California, San Francisco - Martina Szarek, Ufeta Om'Iniabohs, Kate Mitchell

University of Cincinnati - VACANT

University of Colorado, Denver - VACANT

University of Florida, Gainesville - VACANT

University of Illinois, Chicago - VACANT

University of Indianapolis - Sunday Smith

University of Kansas - VACANT

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - VACANT

University of Miami - VACANT

University of Michigan - Alexandra Garbus, Kristen Dib, Nora Drummond

University of Minnesota - VACANT 

University of New Mexico - Donyelle Sharmane Miller, Karoline Alanna Kinney, Heather Veitch

University of Pennsylvania - Melissa Avila, Chana Schaffer, Amy Wan, Noura Quayson

University of Puerto Rico - VACANT

University of Utah - Kathleen Van Duker-Lofley, Ashley Gish, Emily Miller

University of Washington -VACANT

Vanderbilt University - Kathleen Cylkowski

Wayne State University - VACANT

Yale University - Katrina Pinkerton

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