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Call for Nominations: Friends of MOCC and Ethnic Diversity Caucus

The Friends of Midwives of Color Committee (MOCC) and Ethnic Diversity Caucus is pleased to announce a leadership opportunity for members interested in promoting and increasing the ethnic diversity among midwives. As we continue to expand our caucus' sustainability efforts and in accordance with the SROP, we are pleased to announce the Call for Nominations of officers for the Friends of MOCC and Ethnic Diversity Caucus following positions:

Chairperson and Treasurer

If you are interested in being considered, please send a letter of interest and your CV to Venay Uecke at [email protected] no later than 5:00PM (ET) on May 25, 2015. Be sure to outline in your letter of interest what you feel you can bring to this committee. Please also use "Call for Nominations" in the subject line of the e-mail. For more information about the committee responsibilities, desired qualifications, and chair qualifications, please read our description below, and contact Venay if you have any questions. We will be voting and announcing the newly elected people at the ACNM Annual Meeting.

In accordance with the SROP, the following restrictions apply:


I. Must be an active member of ACNM in good standing.

ii. Able to carry out the responsibilities of the position defined below,

iii. Agreement to a pledge of confidentiality and conflict of interest with regard to the business of ACNM


  1. Convene meeting of the caucus at least annually during the ACNM Annual Membership Meeting.
  2. Serve as a member of the MOCC in order to maintain communication between MOCC and this caucus.
  3. The Chair of the MOCC and the Chair of the Caucus can be the same person but this is not a mandate.
  4. Notify members in a timely fashion (at least 5 days prior to meeting) of any meetings or activities of the caucus.
  5. Conduct business meetings.
  6. If unable to attend the annual business meeting, the Chair will assign a designee from the Governing Committee.
  7. Report annually to the MOCC and the ACNM Board of Directors.
  8. Submit agenda items to the ACNM Board of Directors on behalf of the caucus, or assign a member to do so.


  1. Maintain financial records of any monies collected or distributed by the group.
  2. Establish a business bank account for the caucus, where 2 officer signatures will be required for any withdrawals.
  3. Provide a full financial report at the ACNM Annual Meeting.
  4. Assist in any budget preparation.
  5. Help develop any fundraising plans.
  6. Make financial information available to members.

Term of office is for 2 years. Nominations will close May 25 and will be announced prior to the ACNM Annual Meeting. Elections will be held by electronic ballot. The newly appointed officers will commence their term at the ACNM Annual Meeting.

Chairperson and Treasurer will be elected on the odd number year. Current officers can be reelected for one additional, consecutive, 2-year term.

Once nominations have been submitted and closed, a copy of each person's CV and statement will be forwarded to the group for viewing prior to the vote.

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