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Criteria for Approval of Historical Activities for CEUs

If you are submitting a Type I or II application, or an Annual Meeting abstract for an activity that is historical in content, the following criteria apply:

  • The content must be beyond the core knowledge or allow for new knowledge as defined in the ACNM Core Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice
  • The references should include some from peer reviewed journals
  • The presentation should include implications, significance and conclusions

Please follow the format outlined in the Type I, Type II, or Annual Meeting Call for Abstracts, as appropriate. In addition, please include the following information, specific to an activity with historical content, as indicated:

Biographical sketch

Approximately 40 words to summarize each presenter's educational and research background that specifically relates to the topic. This should include information about the presenter(s) relevant to the proposed presentation. For example, the presenter has studied the history of midwifery in America.


For the ACNM Annual Meeting, the abstract should include:

Summary: The overall purpose of the presentation should be summarized in this section. Two or three sentences that describe the presentation and the background of the historical event being described should be given.

Rationale and Significance: Explain what is important about the historical event and why the event is significant to present day midwives. Include specific information on the influence of the historical event on the practice of midwifery.

Significance of the Presentation: Explain how attendees can apply the knowledge learned in the historical presentation to present situations to either improve practice, influence policy or avoid errors.

Conclusions and Implications: Include a scholarly summary of both the historical event and implications for present practice.

Summary: Write three to five sentences that describe the presentation content. Will be used in the advance program to attract attention.

At least three objectives for the session. Sample objectives for historical presentation:

1. Apply a broad historical framework to contemporary health care delivery.
2. Understand and discuss how decisions made in the past relate to the present practice of midwifery.
3. Discuss the major contribution of__________to her era and to the midwife of today.
4. Understand and discuss the impact of______on midwifery today.


Must include some current references from peer-reviewed journals. When historical methodology is used, many of the sources in the bibliography date from the period of study. This is often true for many of the primary sources, but may also relate to the secondary source material as well. The author should give a clear and comprehensive explanation of the references and their significance to
the study so that reviewers may see that the reference material is relevant and appropriate to the presentation.

A sample Type I Application for an historical presentation has been developed to illustrate the criteria for approval of historical activities for ACNM CEUs. Any questions about the criteria should be directed to [email protected] or (240) 485-1801.

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