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2020 Award Recipients

Dorothea M. Lang Pioneer Award ($4000 each; total $12,000)

     Mary K. Barger, CNM, MPH, PhD, FACNM

     Elaine M. Moore, CNM, MSN, FACNM
     Margaret Taylor, CNM, MSN, FACNM

Louis M Hellman MD Midwifery Partnership Award (Crystal Award – no cash)

     Joia A. Crear-Perry, MD, FACOG

Therese Dondero Memorial Lecture ($1,500.00)

     Julia S. Seng, PhD, CNM, FAAN

Dianne S. Moore Midwifery Research Scholarship ($2,500.00)

     Robyn Schafer, MSN, EdM, CNM (Vanderbilt University)

Fellowship for Graduate Education ($2,500.00 - Marsico Scholarship Fund)

     Julie Blumenfeld, MSN, CNM, IBCLC (Rutgers University)

W. Newton Long Award ($1,500.00)

     Jennifer Jagger, MSN, CNM, WHNP, FACNM

Varney Participant Award (2020 Varney Foundation Leaders established)

Basic Midwifery Scholarships ($3,000.00 each - $30,000.00 total)

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer for Life Scholarship

     Letitia Salazar Monk, SNM (University of Washington)

Midwives of Color-Watson Scholarship

     Rebekah Dunlap, SNM (University of Minnesota)

     Amy Elizabeth Guzman, SNM (Frontier Nursing University)
     Alisha R. Smith, SNM (University of New Mexico)

The Edith B. Wonnell CNM Scholarship

     Claire Kairys Droll, SNM, MPH (Emory University)

     Teresa Marsico Memorial Scholarship
     Karen Lopez-Acero, SNM (University of California, San Francisco)

Dorothea M. Lang CNM Memorial Scholarship

     Annalee Reid, SNM (SUNY Downstate)

     Shaloma Rose Taylor, SNM (Vanderbilt University)

Frances T. Thacher CNM Memorial Scholarship*

     Chantal Davis, SNM (University of California, San Francisco

     Joanna Wilder, SNM, CPM (Frontier Nursing University)

Midwifery Legacies Project 20th Century Student Interview Awards-$1750.00 total

     1st Place: Larissa Jarvis, SNM (University of Minnesota) - $1,000

     (Interview: Ruth Marie Wingeier, CNM)

     2nd Place Lorine Vogt, SNM (University of Pennsylvania) – $500.00

     (Interview: Barbara d’Amato, CNM)

     3rd Place: Hannah McGrew, SNM (Vanderbilt University) – $250.00

     (Interview: Leah Albers, CNM)


     Hannah Bergren , SNM (Vanderbilt University)

     (Interview: Victoria Burslem, CNM)
     Emili Boyles, SNM (Vanderbilt University)
     (Interview: Donna Prolog, CNM)
     Sarah Hodges, SNM (Vanderbilt University)
     (Interview: Mickey Gillmor-Kahn, CNM)
     Brooke Rody, SNM (Frontier Nursing University)
     (Interview: Ann Rabie, CNM)

The A.C.N.M. Foundation Staff Appreciation Award ($250.00)

     Sujata “Sue” Chavan, Senior Accountant, ACNM

FALL 2019 Awards:

Carrington-Hsia-Nieves Doctoral Scholarship for Midwives of Color: Fall 2019 ($5,000.00)

     Lauren Arrington, MSN, CNM (Duke University; DNP)

Jeanne Raisler Award for International Midwifery: Fall 2019 ($3,000.00)

     Michelle L. Drew, DNP, MPH, CNM, FNP-C (Zambia)

Thacher-MBN Leadership Fellowship Awards: Fall 2019 ($1,000.00 each; total $8,000)**

     Noelle Borders, CNM, MSN

     Cindy Nelly, CNM/APRN
     Camilla Pharamond, CNM
     Monica Rodriguez, MSN, CNM
     Tonja Santos, MSN, CNM
     Laure Sinnhuber-Giles, MS, LM, CM
     Tarena Sisk, MSN, APRN, CNM
     Martine Tesone, DNP, CNM

Texas Midwifery Creation Scholarship: Fall 2019 ($1,000.00 each)

     Ginger G. Wells, BSN, RN, SNM, RNC-OB (Texas Tech University)

     Lorin Zaumseil, RN-C OB, CCAP (Frontier University)
     Mary Thomson-Esquivel, BSN, RNC-OB (Texas Tech University)
     All in honor of Pat Jones, CNM, MSN.

* Supported by the Frances T. Thacher Midwifery Leadership Endowment

** Supported by the Frances T. Thacher Midwifery Leadership Endowment with matching funds from the Midwifery Business Network (MBN).

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