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Second child, first time around

My decision to choose a mid wife came a moment of realizing that I wanted something different, something better for my second child. Not that my first daughter wasn't of importance, but having my first daughter at a real young age, eliminated the option since no one around me was familiar with midwives & the concept of natural birthing. W/ my second child, her father's cousin is a midwife & Vegas, & after speaking with her on some of my questions & concerns, I decided to look further into natural birthing. I came across full circle online & right away loved all they had to offer. I made an appointment, spoke to someone & knew right then & there, this was a new journey I wanted to experience my second time around. I knew it wouldn't be the easiest choice, but after getting educated from my fiance's cousin (the mid wife), & after learning from all the midwives at full circle, I knew me & my baby would be so happy. On June 8, 2012 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Although I had wanted to do a water birth, bc of how fast my baby was coming, the mid wife explained it would be unsafe I move me. Even though I didn't experience the water, I experienced the love & care of a well educated & knowledgable mid wife. There were no complications, everything was simply perfect. Regardless of the pain at the moment, tht is not what I stands out in my mind from my experience. It is the care, the attention at my appointments, the knowledge that was shared with me & the partnership that I build with my mid wife for my babys arrival. This may not be for everyone, but I encourage all woman to truly look into all the wonderful things that come along w/ having a mid wife for your big day. It's like making a new friend, sharing the moment with you! :)

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