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The Best Experience for Us

I recently gave birth to my first baby with the assistance of a midwife. After learning we were pregnant, there was not question as to whom we would use for our prenatal care and delivery. My midwife came very highly recommended by our friends and acquaintances with children...and we soon learned why she has such a strong following in our community. Our first appointment with her proved why a midwife was the ideal choice for our health care provider...she made it very clear that this was OUR experience and she would help facilitate making it the best experience for US. Her common sense approach to the birthing process is extremely refreshing. While my birth was anything but easy, my midwife utilized her experience and patience to help make the best of the situation. My son was a week overdue when we went it for an ultrasound. After learning that my amniotic fluids were low, we were sent to labor and delivery. While Baby was in the position to make his entry into the world, my body was not quite ready to cooperate...my cervix was as secure as Fort Knox! Instead of taking the "easy" approach of pumping me full of Pitocin or suggesting a C-section, my midwife suggested trying less drastic measures. In the end, I did need to be pumped full of Pitocin but it was my midwife’s caring manner and my complete trust in her that allowed me to give birth without the use of pain medication. She helped ease my fears and support my husband...and brought our precious Baby Jack into the world. My midwife is a truly special caregiver. Our family is 100% PRO MIDWIFE! We hope that other families consider using a midwife.

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