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CNMs gave me the birth experiences of a lifetime!

When I had my first son five years ago, there was not a midwife in the hospitals where I was required to deliver (due to insurance). So, I hired a CNM as a montrice because I wanted extra support, no interventions, and natural vaginal delivery. I was induced at 38 weeks and scared as this was my first child. The CNM accompanied me to the hospital, was by my side the entire time, worked with my OB and even though I had pitocin, I had a natural vaginal birth with no pain medication. The CNM was actually right there to catch my baby with the L&D nurses (the OB was running up and down the hallway tending to many other moms). I know I would not have had that experience without her and she opened my eyes to the idea that birth is a normal process and that I could trust my body to do the work. For my second birth, two years later I knew instantly I did not want to be in a hospital setting. However, there were no birth centers in my area. I tracked down a CNM providing home birth services in the area and immediately fell in love with her! My husband and I received the most compassionate care from her. She was available anytime, day or night and treated us as if we were her only family in her care. My labor begain at 2 in the morning, she was there by 3, we made her a pot of coffee and then sat around chatting between contractions. My husband and all of the women in my family where there, hanging out in the kitchen and living room. At 6 cm, I decided to get into the tub and about an hour later my beautiful (almost 9 lb baby) was born. At home. In the tub. Amazing. My midwife stayed with me for several hours afterward, helping me shower, breastfeed, and cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom! She is just amazing. My entire family is grateful to her for that experience and she is now apart of my family, too.

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